Former Liberian president Charles Taylor, who is on trial for war crimes in the Hague is facing charges of rape, murder, mutilation and recruitment of child soldiers during a 11-year conflict in Liberia.
Taylor, one of Africas most feared warlords, has pleaded not guilty.
One of the most sensational testimonies in the trial came from Joseph ZigZag Marzah, Taylors former death squad commander. Marzah claims that Taylor allegedly ordered his militias to eat the flesh of captured enemies and United Nations soldiers.
He also furnished graphic details of atrocities in Liberia and Sierra Leone at the U. N.-backed Special Court for Sierra Leone.
Marzah testified that he killed so many men, women and children that he lost count. He said that he had slit open the stomachs of pregnant women on Taylors orders.
More than 200,000 people died in wars in Liberia and Sierra Leone.
Prosecutors in the case said that Taylors goal was to get Sierra Leones diamonds and destabilize its government by controlling and arming rebels.