His name is Halyijah and he is as cute as can be. He is definitely a survivor and would exert a great deal of motivation and positive influence to those around him. And, although he was born prematurely and was prenatally exposed to drugs, he has come a long way in his development. He can make eye contact and track people, and also attempts to grab interesting objects. Put your finger in front of him and he will grab it and pull you close. He seems to like colorful items such as play blocks and stuffed toys. You can find a sense of serenity on his face when he lies in his swing and enjoys the soothing motions. Halyijah was born in June of 2006 and is of African-American descent. Halyijah has been diagnosed with chronic respiratory failure. Because of this, he is vent dependent and requires the use of a trachea. He is being fed through a G-tube at this time and tolerates it very well. He will require assistance in all daily living skills. We are unsure of his prognosis; however with the right family, his opportunity of growth is endless. If you are interested in taking care of Halyijah, please contact Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services at (626) 229-3790.