Here we go again. The Associated Press has unleashed a propaganda story, Secrets of the Great Seal, found on the back of the US $1 bill, published by several newspapers across the country. It rivals any other venue attempting to deny contributions Afrikans in Kemet (Egypt) have made to the world. The primary host of this fraudulent practice is the US State Department, headed by Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice. The controversy surrounds the meaning of the Great Seal. Unfortunately, a portion of APs inaccuracy is apparent when making such statements as, That known Masons like the first U.S. president, George Washington, and Benjamin Franklin had no role in designing the final seal. The statement, in essence, is true, but labeling Benjamin Franklin a Mason reflects a lack of basic research and credibility. Although Mr. Franklin was one of the founding fathers, he was not a Mason. He was a Quaker, a minor point in this discussion. The founding fathers were Freemasons, a Kemetic (Egyptian) fraternity with secret rituals, social obligations and a general brotherhood. One of the requirements for membership is to study ancient Kemetic history. In fact, when Washington D.C. was being designed, it was originally to become the New Egypt. Many of the buildings and structures in D.C. were imitations of similar structures in Kemet, or designed in the same manor. To do this, on the recommendation of Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Banneker, Americas first scientist of Afrikan descent, with Dogon heritage (Mali, West Afrika), was brought in during the survey and designing stage. The founding fathers wanted to use the stars, as the ancient Kamites (Egyptians) had, in the design of the city. Banneker used the most technically sophisticated instruments of his day to observe and record the movement of the celestial bodies. His job was to insure that the new city would be correctly aligned to the heavens so that specific streets, buildings and locations would be properly oriented and favorably influenced by the celestial bodies (Anthony T. Browder. EGYPT on The Potomac: A Guide to Decoding Egyptian Architecture and Symbolism in Washington D.C.). Browder is an authority on Washington D.C. architecture, and Kemetologist (Egyptologist). He also gives tours to physically show the various Kemetic motifs in D.C. (For details: Kemet can be found all over D.C. For instance, the Washington Monument is an imitation of a tekhen (obelisk). There are hundreds in the Nile Valley. The Temple of Rameses II inspired the Lincoln Memorial. If one were to see the capital building to the Washington Monument from the air, it would become apparent all of it sits within three roads the shape of a pyramid. Our main task here is to clarify the meaning of the Great Seal. The AP sheds a disparaging characterization of any association with ancient Kemet. A movement to decipher the Seals meaning with ancient Egypt, mystical and otherwise other worldly explanations has gained currency. The Internet age has seen an explosion in such conspiracy theories. Looking at the above graphics, it becomes exceedingly clear that the eagle emblem on the left, evolved from the Kemetic falcon emblem in the middle. It would be interesting to see its first designs, since it went through 128 evolutions. The middle emblem is the representation of Heru (Horus) of Kemet, first ruler of the earth, born of a virgin birth. Some scholars believe this is where the concept of a virgin birth was created. When looking at both bird emblems, compare the similarities: both wings are raised; both heads are turned left; both have a round disk above their heads, though with different meanings. The sun disk on the head of the falcon is a reference to Heru, deity of the physical world. The disk on top of the eagle encircles the then 13 colonies. The interpretation of the disk above the eagles head, with the 13 stars encased, are more than meets the eye. Observing closely, they are formed in the shape of an upright and upside down pyramid. The two pyramids symbolize the two pillars of Solomon, which play a significant role in ritualistic masonry. (Browder) Both are holding objects in their feet. The falcons feet are holding the ankh, the worlds first spiritual symbol, and the representation of life. The eagle is holding an olive branch with 13 leaves in the left foot for peace, and 13 arrows in the right foot for war. By the way, the eagle is also a ritual symbol in ancient Kemet. Anthony T. Browder, in his book Nile Valley Contributions To Civilization states, Henry Wallace, secretary of agriculture, saw a similarity between the Latin phrase Novus Ordo Seclorum (the new order) and the New Deal (new deal of the ages), which was then in 1933 being implemented by President Roosevelt. Roosevelt was so impressed with the correlation that he decided to use both sides of the Great Seal on the dollar bill instead of a coin. Wallace and Roosevelt were both Masons. The graphic on the above right is much easier to define. The pyramid is an obvious reflection of Kemetic culture. Not only was it a tomb for an intended pharaoh, it was also a temple and observatory. The All Seeing Eye at the top of the pyramid represents Heru. It is one of the most common figures in Kemetic culture. Fox News Channel, in their story Decoding The Secrets Of The Great Seal Of The U.S. obviously not doing their homework, referred to it as The eye of providence, the eye of luck. The spiritual side of the Great Seal. The problem we have here, journalists are not scholars or specialists in various subjects, and are especially not adapt in writing about ancient Afrikan culture. There is a real effort to disassociate the Great Seal, and Washington D.C. itself, with the Freemasonry of the founding fathers. Compounding that, many of their sources are scholars of European descent, who are not knowledgeable about ancient Afrikan culture, or are in denial and/or rejection that Afrikans had anything to do with the creation of civilization, prior to the existence of Greece and Rome. This further solidifies the case of why publications, books, publishers and bookstores of Afrikan descent are so essential. Equally important, they must also be read. Afrikan world history and culture must not be left to the interpretation of the general media. If so, as illustrated above, we will all be subject to their intended deception, and resultant mis-education. – Dr. Kwakus class, Afrikan World Civilizations (Part II), is conducted on Friday evenings, 7-9 p.m. at Kaos Studios in Leimert Park. For details go to: