Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) Board of Education members Tuesday adopted a resolution to support local hotel industry workers and their families.
The resolution was presented by Board President Mónica García and co-sponsored by board members Marguerite P. LaMotte and Julie Korenstein.
“Many of the parents and guardians of our students work in the hotel industry and rely on fair working conditions and adequate healthcare for themselves and their families,” said Board of Education President Mónica García. “We want to give these hard-working families our full support and stand in solidarity with them as they work to negotiate a fair contract.”
“We recognize that the hotel workers in Los Angeles earn less than those in other major cities,” said Board member Marguerite P. LaMotte. “Given these tough economic times, we are hopeful that the hotels will maintain an open dialogue and agree to a contract that improves the quality of life for the workers.”