Acting Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder Dean Logan told the county supervisors Tuesday that at least half of the estimated 49,500 uncounted Decline-to-State (DTS) nonpartisan ballots from the February 5 presidential primary election will be tallied.
Of the estimated 200,000 DTS voters, 50 percent voted correctly and 25 percent didnt pick a presidential candidate, leaving 25 percent who had voted for a presidential candidate incorrectly.
The Democratic ballot included eight choices and the American Independent ballot only three. The ballots did not overlap for slots 11 through 15, including the slots for Democrats Clinton and Obama.
Logan said that it can be reasonably be inferred that any ballots marked on slots 11 through 15 were cast for a Democratic candidate.
For ballots marked on slots 8 through 10, the Registrar-Recorders office will determine whether they were cast in a precinct where all of the DTS voters cast ballots for either American Independent or Democratic rosters in which the information was recorded.
The Democratic primary was winner-take-all by congressional district, with the winner of each district garnering three delegates. It is not expected that the recounting will affect the outcome.