For anyone observing the recent Presidential debates and forums across the country, race and poverty are no longer taboo subjects for Democrats vying for the White House.
Earl Ofari Hutchinson, syndicated political columnist and social activist, has released his latest timely book, The Ethnic Presidency, How Race Decides the Race to the White House in the midst of one of the most exciting competitions for the title and job of Commander in Chief.
Hutchinson describes the Democrats as now “liberated from their party’s racist past,” allowing them to speak freely as never before.
On the other hand, he says that the Republican candidates have “returned to the pre-Bush GOP game plan of saying and doing as little about civil rights and race as possible, while shoring up their traditional conservative and Southern voter base.”
Hutchinson looks at how the political fingers of racial and ethnic conflict have molded the past three decades. He also explores how race will continue to play a large role in present and future contests.
For the average Joe or Jane who is surprised at their own intense involvement in this hypnotic 2008 campaign season, this is the book to read now.
The Ethnic Presidency: How Race Decides the Race to the White House probes the Hillary/Bill and Barack/Michelle factors, the black and Latino vote, immigration and the Iraq War.
What will the vice-presidency look like on either side? Will the immigration issue hurt or help Senator John McCain?
This book is reader friendly and fast paced, recommended for political junkies and newbies alike.