The Radio Ministry of Second Baptist Church will honor its extended radio congregation on Sunday, Feb. 24, at its 8 and 11 a.m. worship services. Both services will take place in Second Baptist Church’s temporary location “The Living Room,” of the Faithful Central Bible Church, 400 W. Florence Ave. in Inglewood.
Under the leadership of Dr. William S. Epps, senior pastor, Second Baptist has had a successful radio ministry in partnership with local radio station KJLH-FM 102.3. A broad cross section of Los Angeles tunes into the live 8 a.m. worship service each Sunday morning.
“We cherish our radio audience,” said Dr. Epps. “We feel that they are apart of our church family and we are extending a special invitation for them to join us at our 8 and 11 a.m. services this week for special recognition.”
Dr. Epps, the Radio Ministry and church leaders will greet members of the radio listening audience and each guest will receive a special gift from the congregation.
Members of the church Radio Ministry will greet visitors in the parking structure on Florence Avenue. Guests should identify themselves again, as members of the radio audience at the door of the church where they will be seated for the worship services.
Second Baptist Church of Los Angeles, the oldest African American Baptist congregation in the city will continue to hold its Sunday morning worship services in the “Living Room” while its 80-year old church building in being restored. The Church anticipates relocating to its home sanctuary in late 2008.