Leaders from the city of Los Angeles and clergy will honor Bishop Charles E. Blake, Senior Pastor of West Angeles Church of God in Christ and newly elected Presiding Bishop of the Church of God in Christ International. It is the latter post that Bishop and Mrs. Kenneth C. Ulmer, Bishop Jones and Bishop L. Daniel Williams call the city to come out to honor this celebrated leader, pastor and advocate. This bestowed honor will take place on Sunday, February 17 at 5 p.m. at The Forum in Inglewood.
Bishop Blake has served as Pastor of West Angeles Church of God in Christ for 39 years; the Church boasts a membership of more than 25,000. The visionary leadership of Bishop Blake can be seen at the West Angeles Cathedral, the beautiful 5,000 seat building that serves as a house of worship.
He has advocated for positive and productive causes of this community, one of which is West Angeles Community Development Corporation, which has developed more than 300 quality livable housing units.
Bishop Blake started Save Africa’s Children, an international ministry which cares for more than 400 orphanages (well over 100,000 children and families who have been affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic.
This celebration will be an interdenominantional and multicultural service. Bishops Ulmer, Jones and Williams’ intent is to encourage and acknowledge the achievements and work of Bishop Blake and his wife, First Lady Mae Blake. Additionally, it will benefit Save Africa’s Children, to further enhance the work that already has been done and will continue to be done.
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