So many books, so little time is your motto. Everybody knows your favorite places to be are at the bookstore and the library. And now you’re thinking about starting a book club or maybe just joining one.
Welcome to BGBC, where drama isn’t in the book club’s name – but it should be. In the new novel “Something on the Side” by Carl Weber, the members of this club could have written the book on love and betrayal.
Tammy loves her life. As president of BGBC (that’s Big Girl’s Book Club, where the only requirement for membership is to be a size 14 or over), she presides over the once-a-month meetings where she and several other women discuss a new book, as well as one another’s lives.
But right now, Tammy has a dilemma. Her husband, Tim, has a birthday coming up, and she wants to fulfill his deepest fantasy. She asks her best friend, Egypt, to help out, but Egypt is having nothing to do with giving her best friend’s husband a little sumpthin’-sumpthin.
Egypt has always been a little bit more choosy about her men, but she’s nothing like her sister, Isis. Isis was engaged a few years ago, but she gave the ring back because it didn’t look like Rashad really wanted to get married. Now Isis is pushing her Tony for a ring. Tony wants to move in with Isis first, but you know what they say about the buying the cow and free milk….
Speaking of free, there’s Coco, who doesn’t know the meaning of the word. She has an entire list of men who will pay her to sleep with them. It gets her bling, it pays the rent, and it sure beats a “real” job.
And then there’s Nikki and her roommate Tiny. For years, Tiny has been there for Nikki, and with support like that, Nik really doesn’t need a man around.
Or does she?
Are the six women in this book group about to permanently shelve some friendships?
Looking for a boring, predictible book with a plot you can see a mile away? Then forget this one, because “Something On the Side” will surprise you over and over again with plot twists, character curves, and stunners all over the place.
Author Carl Weber is known for creating characters who aren’t as they seem, but just about the time you think you have them figured out, you learn that you don’t. Add in the fact that each of the ones in this novel could easily claim the title of “Drama Queen”, and you have a wild page-turner that’s downright fun to read.