Elon Bonami, 42, was facing a crisis.
She and her husband were having arguments that had escalated to the point of fighting. Before Bonami knew it, her husband had quietly emptied out their joint checking account and transferred their income into another account–a move that left Bonami financially destitute.
Bonami was forced to check into a hotel and called a local women’s shelter.
Bonami said that during this stressful time, she discovered some truths about herself. “I realized that I was conditioned by society to believe that money issues and business affairs were handled by men,” she said. “Even though I successfully passed several math and science classes, I still believed that I was inadequate to handle such matters, and nonchalantly passed on the running of my business and financial matters to my husband.”
Pausing, Bonami added, “I realized that I was out of balance financially. I had to get my financial act together for me and my son.”
Bonami decided to take charge of her financial outlook. With only $36 in her checking account, Bonami started studying the power of money.
“I began to study how to buy real estate with no money down,” recalls Bonami, who is known on her website as the Dynamic Diva.
“When I was in the homeless shelter, I was able to buy a house. I talked to a mortgage broker and got a 100 percent finance loan. I had good credit, a 700 FICO score,” said Bonami. “I told the seller that I would buy the house for $125,000 if the seller would pay the closing costs. The seller agreed to do it because he had just gotten out of escrow and he wanted to sell the house.
“In doing so, I got the house with no money out of my pocket, and walked away with a check for $645,” recalls Bonami. “I didn’t have a job so I got a roommate to help me pay half of the mortgage. It was $900 a month, and my part of the mortgage was $450.”
To continue to pay for the house, Bonami sold material things that she no longer needed. “I sold my car and my wedding ring. I had garage sales and I opened up my naturopathic business outside my home. My son and I slept on the floor with a pillow and blanket. People usually go out to buy furniture and a big screen TV instead of thinking about investing. Bit instead of buying liabilities, I bought assets.”
In less than one year, Bomani said she became a financial expert.
“I found out you don’t have to use your own money, you can find people who have the money and credit and are willing to invest,” said Bonami.
Today, Bonami owns nine pieces of real estate. Six of her properties are located in California and three are located in Texas.
Along the way, Bonami discovered some truths about herself that she decided to pass on to other women grappling with financial issues. She founded Papyrus Publishing and began publishing financial books for women.
“I tell anyone who wants to be financially independent to develop a wealth consciousness,” said Bonami, whose book Dynamic Diva Dollars outlines her financial advice. “I grew up poor on welfare with a single mother. I think people who want to be financially independent should stop saying words like, ‘I can’t afford it,’ ‘Robbing Peter to pay Paul,’ and ‘Money is the root of all evil.’ Cancel those thoughts and start saying phrases like, ‘My money is constantly increasing,’ ‘I am a money magnet,’ and ‘Money is my best friend,’” said Bonami.
Bonami said that most women are uninformed about money matters, which can affect the rest of their lives. She said that once she became informed about money, doors opened and her finances began to flow. “Wealth does not discriminate but most women think money is only for the “good old boys.” Wealth does not care if you are young or old, black or white, tall or short, gay or straight, male or female. It is readily available to all that seek it with wonder, perseverance, and good intentions.
Bonami also warned that financial freedom is not free. “It comes with a heavy price and you are going to have to take the necessary risk, but it will be well worth it. It is time to release your fears and anxieties about money and embrace the many wonderful benefits that money can bring into your life, peace of mind being one of them.”
Bonami is involved in other projects, as well. “I have an Internet e-business, investments in the stock market, and I also sell books, tapes, videos, and my publishing business. I also do seminars, workshops, and run a mentorship program.
“An abundant universe is available to each and every one of us who is willing to do the work, and yes, it requires work,” said Bonami. “If anyone can master money, you can. Like the old saying goes, ‘Nothing worthwhile comes easy,’ said the Dynamic Diva.