Little did Shelton Sumerall, 32, and Monica Youngblood, 23, know that they would be spending their last Christmas Eve on earth on December 24.
A neighbor visiting the apartment in the 6700 block of 11th Avenue where Sumerall and Youngblood were staying was shocked to discover the lifeless bodies of the man and woman. Both were discovered lying on the floor of the apartment around 4:50 p.m.
Both victims were shot in the head and pronounced dead at the scene.
A witness told investigators that he or she heard an argument and several gunshots in the early morning hours but did not call the police.
Police have not established a motive for the incident. Detectives have ruled out that the shootings were a murder-suicide.
“We are hoping that anyone who may have heard or saw anything that evening will contact detectives at the South Bureau,” said Detective Stephanie Hale, who, along with detective Regugio Garza is working on the case.
Anyone with information regarding the incident are asked to call either detective at (213) 485-1383.