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“The Parker Sisters: A Border Kidnapping”

Your neighbors said they’d keep an eye on your house for you this summer. They’d get the mail in, and grab the newspaper while you were on vacation. They’d do everything for you – and, as in the new book “The Parker Sisters” by Lucy Maddox, you should be glad if they watch your children, too.

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“The Invisibles: The Untold Story of African American Slaves in The White House”

If the walls could talk, imagine what they’d say. They’d reminisce about family meals, holidays, celebrations and romance, take sides in arguments, and watch children grow.

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“Before I Forget”

You can’t remember what you came into the room for. That happens with disturbing frequency. Forgetting your glasses, losing your keys, it really bothers you because you’re not sure if it’s a normal part of aging or something else.

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“Best Friends Forever”

You’d do almost anything for your best friend. You’d take a bullet, take her in, or take her anywhere she needed to go. You keep her kids and her confidences. And, as in the new novel, “Best Friends Forever” by Kimberla Lawson Roby, she’d do the same for you. Probably.

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“Firefight: The Century-Long Battle to Integrate New York’s Bravest”

By Ginger Adams Otis

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire seem so cozy.

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Buffalo Soldiers: Heroes of the American West

Your family is filled with people to whom you look up. There’s Grandpa, who served in the war. Grandma, who raised many children with little money. Your uncle, another veteran overseas; and both your parents, who keep you fed and safe. You look up to all of them but imagine how high you’d have to look if they were on horseback, and then read “Buffalo Soldiers: Heroes of the American West” by Brynn Baker.

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The Jemima Code: Two Centuries of African American Cookbooks

You woke up this morning with a craving. So is breakfast time too early to think about dinner? Is it bad to want to sneak home for lunch, just to make your favorite comfort food? No, because nothing else tastes good when you’re hankering for something specific.

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Naughtier than Nice

You have to tell somebody. There’s a secret inside you, one you’ve been keeping far too long and you’re about to burst. You need to talk about it. You need some advice, some perspective. As in the new novel “Naughtier than Nice” by Eric Jerome Dickey, if you don’t talk about this issue soon, it could be the death of you.

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‘What Color is Your Hoodie? Essays on Black Gay Identity”

By Jarrett Neal

Some days, it seems as though you have super powers.

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“Little Shaq” by Shaquille O’Neal

For almost every day of your life, someone’s reminded you to share. Usually, it’s about sharing your toys but that’s not all. You share games, the sofa, your ideas, snacks, and any chore that needs four hands.

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