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Feinstein files drought legislation; Chinook salmon near extinction?

Sen. Diane Feinstein this week filed her long-anticipated legislative response to the California drought. The veteran lawmaker wants to broker a compromise that has for four years eluded Congress as her home state reveals each day more fallowed fields and brown lawns.

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Stroke can strike at moment’s notice, but there are ways to prevent tragedy

‘Time lost is brain lost’

It appears to strike out of nowhere. You have a sudden headache with no known cause. Your vision gets blurry, and you feel drowsy and nauseous. A little later, you may have trouble speaking and an arm or a leg is suddenly weaker. These are the early signs of a stroke, and at this point, you must immediately call 911.

County seeks major review, overhaul of troubled Compton Fire Department

The Los Angeles County Emergency Medical Services Agency this week called for a “sweeping overhaul” of the Compton Fire Department after reports surfaced about inadequate service to the thousands of 911 calls it responds to each year.

Nurses put forth demands as local hospitals change hands

A new team may soon operate both the St. Francis and St. Vincent medical centers in Lynwood and downtown Los Angeles, respectively. A change in ownership depends on whether California Attorney Gen. Kamala Harris gives the go ahead in the next few months—and if the new owners abide by a list of demands submitted by the California Nurses Association (CNA) to prospective purchaser Blue Mountain Capital Management. The Daughters of Charity Health Systems (DCHS) own the two hospitals and four more in other parts of the state.

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New studies offer insight into emotional impulse behind hoarding

Fine line between ‘value’ and ‘separation’

Most people waffle back-and-forth about discarding something they sincerely believe may come in handy. This indecision usually involves a keepsake of sorts, an object that’s not terribly valuable but memorable, nonetheless. A serious problem, however, arises when individuals cannot separate themselves from an inanimate object because they believe it will occupy a vital place in their lives. Experts contend this irrational belief may give rise to hoarding.

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Orange County recycled water plan may become state’s ‘new normal’

At Angels Stadium, Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm and the Honda Center, visitors who wish to quench their thirst (for free) may likely be drinking recycled sewage water.

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Oasis ‘wellness center’ is welcome addition to AV health community

New development may attract more physicians

The Antelope Valley is one of Southern California’s largest geographical regions, but the area lacks a sufficient number of large-scale medical facilities to serve its rapidly increasing population. A Los Angeles development firm plans to remedy this problem by building state-of-the art facilities near the middle of town.

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Disappointing test results for new stealth fighter

There’s bad news for prospective buyers of Lockheed-Martin’s vaunted new F-35 Lighting II Joint Strike Fighter (JFS). The pricey stealth fighter reportedly can’t turn or climb fast enough to hit an enemy plane during a dogfight, or dodge the enemy’s gunfire. The cockpit is also said to be too small for a pilot to turn his or her own head and see another plane approaching from the rear.

Jazz festival scheduled next weekend on Central Avenue

It’s time again for cool jazz in a warm setting. The 20th annual Central Avenue Jazz Festival is set for July 25 and 26 outside the famous Dunbar Hotel in South Los Angeles. Each year, the family-friendly event celebrates the city’s rich history of jazz at one of the nation’s seminal locations of African American urban history and culture.

McCarthy, Knight join chorus rejecting Export-Import Bank

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Rep. Steve Knight, representing California’s 23rd and 25th congressional districts respectively, have joined a growing list of GOP conservatives who oppose renewing the charter of the Export-Import Bank.

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