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Education summit set tomorrow

Blacks, Latinos missing out on lucrative jobs in the oil industry

The Palmdale School District tomorrow will present its second annual Ed Tech Summit for local teachers and administrators. It will take place from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Palmdale Learning Plaza, 38043 Division St.

FUNdraising Good Times

How to recruit fundraising volunteers

Successful fundraising requires qualified volunteer leadership. Whether you are launching an annual campaign or a capital campaign you need a campaign chair that is committed to your cause and willing to put in the time required to achieve your fundraising goal.

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The time has come

The Affordable Care Act is here. Knowing that nonprofits play a key role in connecting people to services, we asked a few questions of Dr. Clarence Davis, medical director, government business with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee.

Encouraged and optimistic: African American philanthropy and museums

Part one of a three-part series

Self-empowerment is one among many strategies people of African descent have employed to ensure our survival in the New World.

How will you fund your strategic plan?

Strategic planning is the process that drives the work of many nonprofit organizations and institutions.

What’s your policy?

Most people who volunteer with nonprofits are ethical and deeply committed to the organizations and institutions they serve. But sometimes in the midst of doing good there may be a tendency to sidestep best practices that build credibility.

Understanding a nonprofit’s values and mission

Board members with experience and connections in the private sector can help nonprofit organizations grow and think in new ways. And nonprofit service can help board members from the private sector to grow and think in new ways, too.

Workshops, seminars and conferences: blessing or curse?

Continuous training, education and exposure to new people and ideas can lead to continuous improvement, motivation, and engagement. Workshops, seminars and conferences add to the skill set and competency of nonprofit employees, executives, board members and volunteers.

FUNdraising Good Times

Evaluate your nonprofit from a funder’s perspective

Donors and funders don’t necessarily tell you why they won’t fund your nonprofit. Many will make their evaluation based your organization’s presentation and reputation without sharing their objections. But, if you know the criteria by which you will be judged you can proactively prepare.

Breaking the cycle of nonprofit starvation

When the reality of “it takes money to make money” collides with shrinking budgets, nonprofits can face short-term and long-term revenue challenges.

UNCF telethon: a Black history game changer

Lights, camera, action. In 1980, the United Negro College Fund, UNCF, launched the Parade of Stars telethon.

Look at ways to change the fiber of your nonprofit

Not 'business as usual' activities

A capital campaign—or any other quantum leap in your fundraising—will pull at every fiber of your nonprofit. These are not “business as usual” activities. If you want to grow from one level of donated revenue to another you have to do things differently.

Look at way to change the fiber of your nonprofit

A capital campaign--or any other quantum leap in your fundraising--will pull at every fiber of...

Barr Foundation: avoiding the nonprofit burnout

"Trusting relationships and reflection/rejuvenation are required for building strong networks and collaborations." That's the word...

Your mobile device: is it a friend or foe?

Who is more important: you or a group of your fellow nonprofit volunteers or professionals?...

FUNdraising Good Times

How do you ask someone to make a gift to a nonprofit that you believe...

The power of women fundraisers

Women are role models in so many sectors of our economy, and the nonprofit sector...

Mission, vision and plan

Successful fundraising begins long before a fundraising plan is ever created. It starts with your...

No substitute for commitment

Successful fundraising for a nonprofit requires the full commitment of board members, the executive director,...

Preparing for fundraising success

Why are some nonprofits successful with fundraising when others face challenges? What can be done...