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NFL player suing BofA for $20M losses

Dwight Freeney was living the American dream. He starred as a football player in high school, college and was drafted to play with the Indianapolis Colts. He later played for the San Diego Chargers and is now a free agent. Along the way, Freeney scored several multi-million dollar contracts.

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Afrika Fifty6 plans benefit projects across continent

Many African Americans take living in a developed country for granted. They don’t realize a decent education, school books and new clothes are seen as luxuries in some of the more deprived parts of the world, including Africa. Cedric Idudu and Sam Desalu, two Nigerian natives currently living in Southern California, are both aware of some of the problems facing Africa. They launched Afrika Fifty6, a nonprofit with a goal of organizing benefit projects in all 56 African countries.

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Relatives of murder victims seek answers and closure

They meet with law enforcement officials in Monterey Park

Their family members, some wearing T-shirts with the likenesses of their deceased loved ones on them, gathered Saturday in Monterey Park at the Los Angeles County Sheriff Headquarters to meet with law enforcement to discuss their cases and somehow wring out justice concerning their murdered family members...

Blacks and clinical trials

Common knowledge holds that African Americans are reluctant to take part in clinical trials for...

Rep. Linda Sanchez a staunch supporter of the president

Rep. Linda Sanchez is the sixth of seven children born to Mexican immigrants in the...

Tragedy leads father to new career as a peace activist

More than seventeen years ago, Azim Khamisa got a call that every parent would dread...

Blacks and Native Americans have deep ties

There is an old joke in the Black community about women attributing long hair to...

Can Whitmans economic skills solve Californias problems?

With California currently facing a budget crisis, businesses fleeing the state and record unemployment, you...

Brown claims California needs experience to get back on track

With California currently facing major political and economic problems, now might be the time for...

Young Afro Latinos straddle both cultures

When 2nd Lt. Emily Perez was killed by a roadside bomb in Iraq, she became...

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