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SoCal Muslims prepare for hostile Trump-led America

For Southern California Muslims, the election of Republican Donald Trump was the worst case scenario.

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Trump presidency causing African Americans to look into self protection

In the age of president-elect Donald Trump, it’s not unusual to hear news stories of Black people being targeted by racial attacks. And that’s the reason why some Black Americans are deciding to exercise their Second Amendment rights and carry firearms for protection.

Black Republicans have mixed reaction to Trump victory

California Black Republicans have expressed mixed reactions to the shocking election of Donald Trump. His election has sparked nationwide protests and the Southern Poverty Law Center has recorded more than 700 incidents of racial attacks. John Wood Jr., former second vice chair of the Los Angeles GOP, previously said he would not support Trump. He cast a ballot for Gary Johnson and admitted he was surprised by Trump’s victory.

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Black-owned store provides quality extensions to diverse clientele

Black women are known to spend thousands on the billion-dollar hair industry, but very few of them are buyers or suppliers in this industry. Riqua Hailes, owner of Just Extensions, is one of few Black women who supplies hair extensions. Hailes has a salon called Just Extensions, which also has an online store.

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Kathryn Barger faces off against Darrell Park in 5th District Supervisor’s race

The race for the Fifth District Supervisorial seat features Kathryn Barger, who is currently chief deputy to outgoing Supervisor Mike Antonovich, and Darrell Park, who previously worked in the White House Office of Management and Budget.

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Loretta Sanchez stands 20-year political career, record to make her an asset in D.C.

Rep. Loretta Sanchez is hoping to take her 20-year political career to the next level with a seat in the U.S. Senate. A Democrat, Sanchez faces off against California Attorney General Kamala Harris, also a Democrat. They were the two leading candidates in the open primary.

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Warren Furutani, Steve Bradford compete for state senate position

The race for State Senate District 35 (San Pedro) will feature a faceoff between Democrats, Warren Furutani and Steve Bradford. Furutani is a civil rights activist and educator. He served on the Los Angeles United School Board District and the Los Angeles Community College District school board. Furutani also served for three terms in the California Assembly.

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Janice Hahn faces Steve Napolitano in 4th District Supervisor’s race

The contest for the Los Angeles County 4th Supervisorial will feature veteran politician Janice Hahn and Supervisor Don Knabe’s chief deputy Steve Napolitano in a non-partisan race.

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Proposition 66

Seeks to speed up death penalty process

Proposition 66 would change the state’s death penalty process. A “yes” vote on the initiative will speed up the process; a “no” vote will leave the current system unchanged. With the current system, prisoners sentenced to death can file appeals which can take decades to resolve.

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Proposition 67

Seeks to uphold plastic bag ban

Proposition 67 is proof of how difficult it is to pass environmentally-friendly laws, even in a liberal state like California. A yes vote on Prop. 67 would uphold Senate Bill 270 (passed in 2014) which banned grocery stores from using single-use plastic bags. The measure would also provide $2 million to plastic bag manufacturers to help retain jobs and transition to making thicker, recycled bags.

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