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Proposition 66

Seeks to speed up death penalty process

Proposition 66 would change the state’s death penalty process. A “yes” vote on the initiative will speed up the process; a “no” vote will leave the current system unchanged. With the current system, prisoners sentenced to death can file appeals which can take decades to resolve.

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Proposition 67

Seeks to uphold plastic bag ban

Proposition 67 is proof of how difficult it is to pass environmentally-friendly laws, even in a liberal state like California. A yes vote on Prop. 67 would uphold Senate Bill 270 (passed in 2014) which banned grocery stores from using single-use plastic bags. The measure would also provide $2 million to plastic bag manufacturers to help retain jobs and transition to making thicker, recycled bags.

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Nanette Barragan feels she can better represent the people of the 44th district

Nanette Barragan never planned on a career in politics. It was something she fell into when she was at USC Law School. As the child of immigrants, her parents taught her to go to school to study a career that would net a good salary, and so she chose law.

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Sen. Isadore Hall celebrates endorsements for Congressional run

State Sen. Isadore Hall said he first went into politics to right wrongs in his community. He has a track record of proposing legislation to effect positive change, such as proposing laws that led to the first “green” football stadium, building a new senior center in Compton and sponsoring legislation that would ensure equal pay for people of color and women.

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‘Concussion’ raises awareness about football-related illnesses

Sports, especially a career in football, for decades has been seen as the ticket to higher education or a lucrative career that could get many Black families out of the ’hood. But with the Will Smith movie “Concussion,” and the work of Dr. Bennet Omalu raising awareness about brain injuries, are some families rethinking letting their sons play football?

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Some Blacks say images in slave movies are too painful

With the reboot of “Roots,” the success of the Oscar-winning “12 Years a Slave” and the much anticipated “Birth of a Nation,” it seems as if movies with slave themes are seeing a resurgence. But some Black people are saying they’ve had enough.

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California native creates natural organic hair product line

Mahisha Dellinger launches career

When California native Mahisha Dellinger had a baby, she decided to go natural with her hair. She was concerned about chemicals from hair products being absorbed by her baby.

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Star of ‘Sisters in Law’ showcases different side of legal field

When Jolanda Jones, one of the stars of the new WE tv show “Sisters in Law,” agreed to do a show about black women working in the legal field, she wanted to show a different side of the law and bring some balance to the way black women are portrayed on reality TV.

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Leaders of the new school

Veteran activists train and mentor next generation of pacesetters

The stereotype about young people is that they’re glued to their cell phones, obsessed with social media and generally clueless about politics and social activism. But that’s not always true.

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Black families must continue to teach sons how to survive police encounters

In the Black community “the talk” doesn’t mean a conversation about the birds and bees. It means parents telling their sons how to survive encounters with the police and make it home alive.

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