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California native creates natural organic hair product line

Mahisha Dellinger launches career

When California native Mahisha Dellinger had a baby, she decided to go natural with her hair. She was concerned about chemicals from hair products being absorbed by her baby.

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Star of ‘Sisters in Law’ showcases different side of legal field

When Jolanda Jones, one of the stars of the new WE tv show “Sisters in Law,” agreed to do a show about black women working in the legal field, she wanted to show a different side of the law and bring some balance to the way black women are portrayed on reality TV.

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Leaders of the new school

Veteran activists train and mentor next generation of pacesetters

The stereotype about young people is that they’re glued to their cell phones, obsessed with social media and generally clueless about politics and social activism. But that’s not always true.

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Black families must continue to teach sons how to survive police encounters

In the Black community “the talk” doesn’t mean a conversation about the birds and bees. It means parents telling their sons how to survive encounters with the police and make it home alive.

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Black Trump supporters like his leadership skills, promise to crack down on illegal immigration

Although Republican frontrunner Donald Trump is drawing the praise of White nationalists, who say he has energized their movement, his presidential campaign does have some Black supporters.

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New technology will allow more Black people to tell their own historical stories

February is Black History Month. This is a recognition that has been around since 1926, when it was created as Negro History Week by Carter G. Woodson.

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Issues concerning African Americans draw little interest from presidential hopefuls

With the results of the Iowa caucuses now history —the winner on the Republican side was Texas Sen. Ted Cruz while Hilary Clinton narrowly edged out Bernie Sanders for the Democrats—the attention of presidential candidates is now trained on the New Hampshire primary and then shortly afterward South Carolina,

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Muslims say current hostile climate is worse than post-9/11 bias

These are reportedly scary times for Southern California Muslims. Several of the leading candidates for the Republican presidential nomination have made insulting and inflammatory remarks about Muslims. In addition, mosques have been targeted for vandalism.

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Trump confused by rise of ‘gaffe-prone,’ ‘super low-energy’ Ben Carson

Going into Wednesday’s Republican debate, Donald Trump had been usurped by retired neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson. Inspite of a string of highly-publicized gaffes, including saying he wouldn’t vote for a Muslim running for president and comparing abortion to slavery, Carson was still riding high in Iowa polls.

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Fresh face

Supporters see Carson’s campaign as bringing new blood to America’s broken political system

Barack Obama is not going to be on the ballot in 2016, but there is a Black presidential candidate. His name is Dr. Ben Carson, a retired neurosurgeon, who was thrust into the national spotlight after he gave a speech criticizing tax policy at the National Prayer Breakfast in 2013.

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