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Eso Won Books hosted ‘Birth of a Nation’ forum

Following the media build up prior to its Oct. 7 opening, “The Birth of a Nation” generated some $7 million in box office revues in its first weekend, short of the projected $10 million anticipated.

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Walton Isaacson uses cultural awareness to reap profits for clients

One of the most successful television shows in recent years, the period drama “Mad Men” was alternately criticized for its accuracy and it’s exclusion of ethnic minorities in its depiction of the advertising industry of the 1960s.

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Junior welterweight champ succumbs to heart disease at 60

Aaron Pryor, whose aggressive, predatory pugilist style (earned him the nickname “Hawk”) which allowed him to claim the Junior Welterweight Championship and a spot in the International Boxing Hall of Fame, died in his hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio, on Oct. 9 at 60. He had been suffering from heart disease and vision problems for several years.

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Manna from Heaven?

News of a major nonprofit jackpot to Black Lives Matter may be premature

“Now is the time to call for an end to state violence directed at communities of color. And now is the time to advocate for investment in public services—including but not limited to police reform—together with education, health, and employment in communities for people that have historically had less opportunity and access to all those things.”

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‘Birth of a Nation’ explores one man’s conflict with spiritual duality

Social control or call for emancipation?

The union between slave descendents and Christianity is one of the most enduring covenants in American history.

El Ganzo’ has confusing storyline highlighted by first-rate acting

El Ganzo is an actual hotel in Mexico, and the title of the latest feature film by director Steve Balderson. A quirky/skewed version of a road movie (in keeping with Balderson’s reputation as a filmmaker of eccentrically stylized productions), it introduces us to a strange White American tourist (Susan Traylor) who walks away from a traffic accident, wanders absent mindedly through the sweltering heat, then checks into the self-titled hotel on the tip of Baja, California without any luggage.

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Cannabis World Congress explores commercial potential of legal pot

Marijuana, once the provocative past time of the marginalized and those rebellious of the status quo, is now a 10-figure industry manifested by the recent Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo held at the Los Angeles Convention Center Sept. 7-10.

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Rumblings within the ranks (part one)

Once upon a time on the West Coast, the City of Angels boasted a police department reputedly every bit as corrupt and tainted as it’s counterparts back east. Efforts to “clean up” the wayward boys in blue had mixed results, until the mayor appointed a spit and polish Marine Corps General, William A. Worton, as chief in 1949.

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Grief gets a character study in ‘Five Nights in Maine’

Coming to terms with grief is often complicated by unresolved, preexisting conditions between the survivor and the decedent. For the movie “Five Nights in Maine,” available on Video on Demand, the loving relationship between Fiona (Hani Furstenberg) and her husband Sherwin (David Oyelowo) is interrupted by her sudden death coming back from a visit to her cancer-ridden mother.

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Dress rehearsal

The Democratic faithful confront the hurdle of party unity in Philadelphia

As the Democratic Party assembles in Philadelphia, the dust may or may not have cleared from the Republican fireworks in Cleveland, Ohio.

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