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A tropical twist on a traditional dessert

Piñata apple upside-down cake

There’s no time like the holidays to enjoy the sweetness of the season. Incorporating a fresh, fruity flavor, such as the versatile Piñata apple, is one mouthwatering way to create a crisp, new spin on your favorite holiday recipes ranging from salads to entrees to desserts.

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Simple ways to infuse fall flavors

Shredded apple pork and pecan rolls

There’s no time like fall to experiment with new recipes, especially those savory and sweet comfort dishes that highlight the season’s favorite fruit—apples. Delicious when spread over a warm slice of fresh-baked bread, apple butter is also an unexpected but ideal ingredient for creating rich flavors in baked, cooked and grilled dishes that add warmth to any meal.

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Quick comfort food favorites

BBQ chili

Nothing says fall better than delicious, savory comfort foods and particularly those that are a snap to prepare. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the average American spends about one hour per day engaged in meal preparation and cleanup. Want to beat the clock? Check out these solutions for busy families facing a time crunch.

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Bring gluten-free brookies to back-to-school events

The end of summer marks the beginning of the busy back-to-school season. From PTA meetings and fundraisers to team parties, there are lots of gatherings that require delicious baked goods. To make sure everyone who attends can enjoy the treats, try the gluten-free Brookie. It’s a creative combination of two favorites: half chocolate chip cookie, half brownie, perfect for all tastes and dietary preferences.

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Grill lean for great taste

Steak fajitas

Take advantage of the longer, warmer days before winter arrives by whipping up tasty grilled meals that are delicious and healthy for the whole family. Using lean cuts of beef is a great way to cut down calories and fat, but it doesn't have to reduce the grilled flavors you love.

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Spices and herbs bring out the best of summer vegetables

We all want to eat more vegetables and in the summer, when farmers markets and grocery stores are filled with fresh, colorful produce, it’s easier than ever. From juicy red tomatoes and yellow sweet corn to vibrant green broccoli, seasonal produce can be even more enjoyable with the addition of spices and herbs.

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A fresh and savory side dish

Roasted asparagus with pancetta and shallot vinaigrette

Sometimes the most memorable, flavorful dishes are those that start with a few ingredients you already have on hand.

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Tackle a winning taste

Spicy Korean Pork Skewers

It’s not just a Spanish, tapas-style thing anymore. At different types of bars and restaurants across the United States, you’ll find menus that continue to explore ways to feature favorite foods—like pork—in more bite-sized, snackable ways. Beyond the walls of those eateries, street vendors, food booths and food trucks also are featuring portable, easy-to-eat dishes like kabobs and sliders.

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Create a stress-free summer gathering

Summer is here—it’s the time of the year when Americans love to come together for casual entertainment and great food.

Share your health history

nStart a new tradition at your reunion

Family reunions are a great opportunity to reconnect and turn relationships into strong, eternal ties. This year, try starting a new tradition—share your health history with your family.

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Bring global flavor to your table

Thai ribeye pork chops

Explore new flavors and cuisines and take a tasty trip around the world with pork—all from the comfort of your own home. Pork’s versatility and savory taste make it the perfect pairing with global ingredients and dishes, giving you a passport to delicious mealtimes you will want to share with family and friends.

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Easy ways to enjoy the fun of grilling

Sunny's grilled BBQ salmon and quick arugula salad

With the warm weather season in full swing, the opportunities for firing up the grill are plentiful. But before you reach for those barbecue tongs, there are some important grill safety tips you and your family should keep in mind.With the warm weather season in full swing, the opportunities for firing up the grill are plentiful. But before you reach for those barbecue tongs, there are some important grill safety tips you and your family should keep in mind.

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Healthy and filling ways to snack

On-the-go yummy treats from Wilton

Hectic mornings, busy schedules and afternoon snack cravings can make it difficult to eat foods that are tasty, healthy and satisfying. Instead of grabbing a bag of packaged cookies or vending machine chips, have a healthy alternative available for you and your family that’s delicious and satisfying.

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Make it better with bacon

Bacon pork chops with BBQ glaze

The rich smell and crisp, smoky flavor of fresh sizzling bacon is a temptation few diners can resist. Indeed, some 53 percent of Americans eat bacon at least once a week, according to a recent survey by Smithfield. This love for bacon is fueling a culinary craze for bacon-infused and inspired foods—everything from the tame (sauces) to the outrageous (ice cream).

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Boost your backyard BBQ

Grilled New York Strip

This summer, skip the trips to expensive steakhouses and entice neighbors to your backyard with the mouthwatering aroma of sizzling steaks. Award-winning grilling pros Chris Lilly and Tuffy Stone lend their expertise to help you create the most flavorful and tender steaks.

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Manage crunch time with easy family meals, nutritious snacks

Ranch risotto with asparagus and peas

Family Features For many mothers, the hours between after school and bedtime can feel like chaos. The juggling act of figuring out what’s for dinner, helping with homework and getting kids to bed is made even more complicated by having to summon the energy and inspiration for quality family time—it is, without question, crunch time.

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Meals that boast flavor and texture

Simple and savory parmesan-crusted New York pork chops

Think a grilled crust is only meant for steak? Think again. Whether it’s with peppercorn, blue cheese or Parmesan, adding crust to juicy, versatile pork chops builds texture, perfectly complements their mild flavor and delivers a mouthwatering result the entire family will love.

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Tips to get kids to enjoy healthy foods

Fruit dip with cinnamon sugar scoops

Family Features For many parents, getting their children to eat the right foods can be a daily struggle. According to registered dietitian Deanna Segrave-Daly, there are many simple ways for parents to get their little ones to eat the foods they need to grow up strong and healthy. Here are a few ideas you can incorporate into your family’s routine:

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Master your backyard barbecue

Kansas City classic ribs

Coaxing layers of mouthwatering savory, smoky flavor out of grilled meat instantly transforms your backyard barbecue from ho-hum to heavenly. As the temperatures rise this grilling season, focus on flavor to take your backyard barbecue to a whole new level.

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Incorporating soy into your child’s diet

Asian Chicken Edamame Pizza

Family Features When the kids head back to school, it’s a hectic time for the entire family. Carpools, afterschool activities and homework can make it difficult to incorporate wholesome meals into the day. However, it’s important to make sure your child is eating a nutritious diet to keep energy levels high and concentration focused in school.

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Recreate a restaurant classic

Serve Porterhouse pork chops with steakhouse butter

Everyone loves eating out, but with grilling season in full swing, there is no better time to recreate a restaurant classic in your own backyard.

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Five days to a fitter, healthier you

If kicking off a life-changing fitness and nutrition program seems daunting, try taking smaller steps to make it feel more manageable.

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Perfect warm-weather pairings

Serve up the best while entertaining

For your next al fresco gathering, complete the menu and satisfy guests by pairing a flavorful meal with wines to celebrate sunny days and warm evenings

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Light up the grill with crowd-pleasing skewers

Chicken skewers with avocado cream dip

Family Features Dust off your grill and light up the coals—it’s time to move the party back to the warm outdoors. Enjoy the company of friends and family this summer with this easy, make-ahead recipe for grilled chicken skewers with avocado cream dip. These versatile treats are sure to please any guest.

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Easy and delicious recipes for entertaining

Grilled flatbread with hummus and mixed veggies and more

Simplify your summer entertaining routine with quick, easy-to-make dishes that feature fresh, scrumptious ingredients. Laid back and lovely, summer parties call for wonderful friends, flavorful foods and refreshing beverages. But having company over to enjoy the beautiful outdoor surroundings doesn’t mean you have to stress over time-consuming meals that can take all day to prepare. Luckily, there are yummy options available for every al fresco host.

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Host a spring-inspired brunch

BBQ sauce-glazed pineapple ham picks and awesome apple butter breakfast cake

As winter gives way to spring, it’s the perfect excuse to gather together with your loved ones. This time of year is ideal for casual brunches, so for your next midday feast with friends and family, take your inspiration from the changing weather and create a brunch menu that mimics the flavors of the season.

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Ribs to the Rescue: Delicious and simple game-day winners

Slow-Cooker Root Beer Ribs

You’ve got your favorite team. Your bracket is ready to go. All that’s left to do is choose the perfect menu star while the competition on the court—and on the sidelines—heats up. Serve up something your friends and family will love almost as much as the game itself: pork.

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Manage hunger with wholesome foods

Soy and Spinach Artichoke Dip

Whether you’re following a weight loss plan or simply maintaining healthy habits, finding foods that are nutritious sources of protein and promote satiety can help curb your urge to snack throughout the day.

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All the lean ways to love pork

Honey-Ginger Pork Tenderloin with Carrots and Apples

As new food and health trends appear across the country, pork makes the list as not only a delicious menu choice, but one that is both lean and versatile. With so many cuts to choose from, pork makes it easy to explore new flavors while staying on track with a health-conscious diet.

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Healthy Home Entertaining

Make mealtime memorable with lean, flavorful lamb

When hosting your next get together, share a great meal that offers a variety of foods that are both delicious and good for you.

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Celebrate food and family

Chef Donatella Arpaia cooks up slow-braised Ragu and meatballs

Flavor is a universal language. It’s the common thread in family celebrations, friendly get-togethers and cultural gatherings around the world. It connects us across generations and geography, and has the power to unite and define us.

Halloween tricks and treats spice up family entertaining

Spooky snack mix and pepperoni pizza

Halloween is the sweetest holiday of the year, making it a favorite for giddy children who dream of giant bags of candy. Before they rush out the door on Halloween night, make sure your kids and their fellow trick-or-treaters are filled up with something other than candy.

Fun, easy ways to enjoy a family favorite

Pizza is one of America’s favorite foods, as it is easy to prepare and fun to share. Families are often looking for ways to enjoy this tasty dish and still feel good about staying on track with enjoyable, mindful eating.

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Comfort foods bring the whole family together

Veggie, Smoked Sausage and Cheese Bake

Few dishes have a way of pleasing taste buds and gathering the family together like comfort foods. It’s always best to have a repertoire of these classic, tried-and-true recipes on hand.

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Appetites, ingredients change with the seasons

Butternut squash and linguine

Just as our wardrobe adjusts to the cooler weather, so, too, do our appetites as we enjoy warm, comforting dishes to stave off the chill in the air.

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Playing with veggies entices kids to eat

Chicken and corn sliders

Ninety percent of kids don’t eat the recommended amount of vegetables each day. To help get more kids on board with healthy eating, it’s important to show them how fun veggies can be.

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Simple, tasty takes on entertaining with seafood

Hot Gulf Shrimp Dip

Nothing pairs better with cool, crisp weather than warm, home-cooked comfort food. Whether you’re searching for a dish for a tailgating get-together, a dinner party or just a relaxing night at home, look no further than the decadence of perfectly-prepared shrimp.

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Healthy home entertaining

Make mealtime memorable with lean, nutritious flavorful lamb

When hosting your next get together, share a great meal that offers a variety of foods that are both delicious and good for you.

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No matter the cut, it’s easy to party with pork

Prosciutto and mushroom-stuffed pork roast with balsamic glaze

Every host has faced the challenge of sorting through piles of recipes to find one that’s both easy to prepare and a crowd pleaser. Fortunately, there’s a simple solution: pork.

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Smoke and spice takes summer grilling to new heights

Five Pepper Salmon

This summer, think inside the box—the smoke box, that is—and turn your grill into a backyard smoker by adding wood chips to impart flavorful depth to meats, seafood and vegetables.

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Fresh tips for game-day dips

When family and friends gather together to watch the game, loading up the table with a variety of easy-to-grab, flavorful appetizers is a winning plan. After all, casual food and good times are what game day is all about.

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Mexican meals simplified

Deciding what to make for dinner is no longer a chore with these simple tips for family taco night. Start with tasty tortillas, hearty fillings and plenty of fresh toppings and you’ll have smiles all around.

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Score big with pork, your game day MVP

Football season is around the corner, and that can only mean one thing—it’s time to tailgate. With competition on the field heating up, you’ve probably already chosen your favorite team. When it comes to deciding what to eat at your tailgate party before kickoff, there are plenty of meats to choose from, and this year, the clear MVP is pork.

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Create memorable meals the Hawaiian way

The longer, sunny days of summer offer the perfect opportunity to get together with friends and family for flavorful meals from the grill. To host a get-together the Hawaiian way—where all of your friends, family and neighbors feel special—focus on a few well-chosen elements to make even the most spontaneous gathering seem like a carefully orchestrated event.

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Make every day a smart fiesta

We all love nachos, fajitas and fiesta dips, but we also know that many of these dishes come with a high nutritional cost, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With an emphasis on bold spices and fresh, lean ingredients, it’s easy to enjoy a delicious fiesta without guilt.

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Gather around the grill with family, friends

Nothing brings family and friends together like great food. Take time to gather everyone around the grill, share some fun and make memories this summer.

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Pork: The perfect partner for easy entertaining

Entertaining is as easy as it is delicious when you choose pork as your party protein.

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A healthier you

Shape up, get fit and have fun this summer

In a perfect world, everyone would eat healthfully, exercise regularly and find time for a little bit of fun every day. The reality is, busy schedules, family time and social activities make it challenging to stay on track. Here are a few easy ways to add more health and balance to your daily routine.

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Grill up a Father’s Day feast

Make Father’s Day special by combining two of Dad’s favorite things — sweet treats and the grill.

Nutritious meals in minutes

After a chaotic day of shuttling kids around from school to appointments to sports practices,...