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Practical Politics

The politics of recruiting for hate

We can call last Saturday in Virginia what we want: the latest example of domestic terrorism, a current scenario displaying the present state of the U.S.A., or just an American protest gone bad. We can also see it for what it really was: a recruitment event for the Renaissance of White Nationalism. Clearly, it was an answer to the questions: Why haven’t they just died off? Isn’t this the era of the money-oriented, smartphone millennials?

Practical Politics

Politics of killing American diplomacy

This is a multi-national world. That is, there are currently 195 countries officially recognized by the United Nations, each with its own government, economy, domestic issues and international interests. In order to enjoy relative peace and the opportunities for prosperity, each country must engage in regular negotiations, debate, mediations, etc., also called diplomacy. The latter is the art and skill of engaging with neighboring countries and the world in discussions aimed at non-confrontation and achieving one’s national interests to the degree realizable within the circumstances of the time.

Practical Politics

The politics of the new-old War on Drugs

America’s War on Drugs (WOD) (aka War on Black People) has been an ongoing messy affair for nearly 50 years. It has not stopped drug trafficking, it has not stopped drug addiction, and it has not made the USA safer. In fact, most analysts agree that, instead, the WOD has at best only propelled the incarceration of massive numbers of Americans (especially Black Americans), driven millions of families further into permanent poverty, and perpetuated the cycle of drug abuse in the country. The WOD has not been able to “arrest and incarcerate addiction out of the American people.”

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Practical Politics

The politics of never downplaying Black folk

In 2017, too many world civilization histories and success stories still focus almost exclusively on what Europeans or neo-Europeans have done or contributed. The big lie continues being taught and re-taught. Whatever Black folk have chosen to participate in throughthe ages, we have excelled in, be it music, architecture, mathematics, astronomy, ice sports, soccer, American football, golf, tennis, etc. Whatever; we have not been slackers on the world stage, but our contributions have very often been ignored or downplayed.

Practical Politics

The Politics of Declining the U.S.A.

In an apparent, though perhaps unintended, attempt to drive the U.S.A.’s reputation downwards, the Donald Trump administration is doing spectacularly well. A few weeks ago, this column identified the rapid decline of this country’s international reputation viz-a-viz the recent Pew International Survey. This week, another reliable international study, continued reporting on that trend.

Practical Politics

The politics of 21st century Pan African education

As is very well known by now, the African Union, the preeminent continental African organization dedicated to African unification into a Union of African States, is very deeply involved in its drive to succeed.

Practical Politics

The politics of bridling a mustang

In a new, quiet move that may indicate that all congressional Republicans have not become dope fiends to the Trump kool-aid, Rep. Barbara J. Lee’s long-introduced amendment to nullify the Authorization to Use Military Force (AUMF) passed by Congress in the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 tragedy, was passed by the House Appropriations Committee a few days ago. The move surprised many, many people, including the redoubtable Rep. Lee.

Practical Politics

The politics of peeving the world off

Barack Obama brought cool, intellectual flair and ‘steady-hand” integrity to the office of POTUS. Donald Trump, in his quixotic quest to undo much of Mr. Obama’s successful legacy, has brought a reputation as a relentless liar who is incompetent to be the POTUS. (The New York Times just published a collected list of every public lie President Trump told during his first 40 days in office—averaging three lies per day.) One wonders about the model he is presenting to the impressionable young people of this country as they seek to emulate the president.

Practical Politics

The politics of taking care of Black folks’ business

The business of being Black in America, and in this world, has always been difficult. Too much of it has continued to be based, quite simply, on the fact that merely being born Black made one dangerous, an outsider, the “other,” or a problem. To protect their own ‘bizness,’ whatever that was, White folks and others have spent an inordinate amount of time consistently passing anti-Black legislation, routinely directing police departments to cull and kill, and maintaining education systems that promoted the belief that White folks’ ‘bizness’ and Black folks’ ‘bizness,’ while they might sometimes intertwine, were, fundamentally different.

Practical Politics

Trump, Black Folks and the Russian Investigation

Try as we might, it is increasingly harder to look at the daily shenanigans of President Trump and his team of strange bedfellows as merely “White folks’ troubles.” After all, as the saying goes, when White folks sneeze, Black folks get pneumonia. But really, how is all this craziness really affecting our lives? Does it help or hurt us in the job market? Is it negatively affecting us in high school graduation rates and university education? Is it really affecting the quality of Black lives one way or the other? The best answer to those questions is probably in the short run, no. The longer the craziness lasts, however, the more in danger Black folks will be. And that’s a fact.

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