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Practical Politics

The politics of negotiating a better police-community relationship

Lately, there’s been a rush of conferences, meetings and celebrity-studded get-togethers to try and identify some common-sense steps to improve police-community relations in the USA.

Practical Politics

The politics of naming and claiming the infraction

The journalism profession generally considers plagiarism a cardinal sin. There are many, many examples of those previously punished for journalistic plagiarism by suspension, termination or other means.

Practical Politics

The politics of keeping the facts straight

It is certain that within the next few months the American public will be overfed the Republican Party’s view of Hillary Clinton’s e-mail situation. She will be accused of all sorts of criminal behavior and lack of sound judgement.

Practical Politics

The politics of sand, surf and sun

As the summer sun in Los Angeles makes its very intense and vibrant entrance this June, it is interesting to reflect on things before and things now.

Practical Politics

The politics of slavery and the Ivy League

By now current research has clearly demonstrated that many of the U.S. Ivy League schools were partially or largely financed in their early history by profits and labor from American slave trading.

Practical Politics

The politics of abortion

Interestingly, as the rate and actual incidence of abortion are steadily decreasing in the U.S.A., overt violence aimed at stopping the practice altogether has increased

Practical Politics

The politics of musical threes

Okay, here it is—the idea again that death comes in threes, a belief common in both the Black community and others.

Evolution of the Black Lives Matter movement

Practical Politics

In Los Angeles in 2014-2016, the Black Lives Matter Movement folks we’ve come to know and love seem hell-bent on disruption of municipal and county meetings as a strategy (although at best, disruption can only be a tactic, not a strategy).

Practical Politics

The politics of staying in it

Now that Dr. Ben Carson has hit the inevitable brick wall we all knew was waiting for him and there seems to be no other political rump-shakers out there but Mr. Trump, along comes a spider of recognition—there is a Willie L. Wilson, D.D., on the ballot for the presidential nomination in California, Illinois, Louisiana, Missouri, Ohio, South Carolina and Texas. Yes, he is African American.

Practical Politics

What happened to Chi-Raq?

In what seemed like a ‘straight to video’ situation, Spike Lee’s most recent film, “Chi-Raq,” came and went in theaters so fast that most never even knew it was out. Compared to “Straight Outta Compton,” which

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