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The politics of the COVID-19 virus in the sh**hole countries

Practical Politics

This is not the article I intended to write for this week’s column. I had actually already..

The politics of seeing tangible results of protest

Practical Politics

As animated, sometimes violent protest demonstrations continue in several American..

The Politics of A Cartoon Presidency

Practical Politics

While growing up in Florida, I was a strong aficionado of cartoons, comic books and..

The politics of political clowning for White folks

Practical Politics

As is known by some folks, rapper Kanye West has recently mounted a bid to run for..

The politics of winning hearts and minds, yet losing the presidency

Mark your calendars. The 2020 presidential election will be the last time the Electoral..

The politics of choosing a Black woman VP candidate

Practical Politics

Okay, that part’s over. It’s done. Sen. Kamala Harris has been chosen to be Joe..

The politics of handicapping the 2020 Democratic Party VP pick

Practical Politics

Without a doubt, politically these are very heady times for significant African-American..

The politics of the COVID-19 pandemic in Africa part II

Practical Politics

A few weeks ago, this column looked at the spread of the COVID-19 virus in..

The politics of going back to school amid the pandemic

Practical Politics

There’s something perniciously debilitating about arrogant behavior..

Politics of revoking titles of American military bases with Confederate names

Practical Politics

In the midst of the daily goulash that emanates from the Trump White House, one of..

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