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Night Riders

Multicultural group of BMX bikers rove the streets of Downtown LA

The sharp vibration of my cell phone snapped me awake at 3 a.m. It was Thursday morning, and I was annoyed. “Hello,” I answered groggily. “Hey, man. Did I wake you up?” “Absolutely.” “Sorry bout that. It’s me, C-Weed.” “Yeah, I recognize your voice. What’s up, bro?” “I was just wondering – do you have a bike?”

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The Black community should be ashamed for abandoning Bill Cosby

You used to watch him on television religiously. He was more than the patriarch of the fictional Huxtable family, he was the archetype for all Black fathers to mimic. He eventually became America’s favorite dad. But, Bill Cosby started as your childhood fantasy. He was a 30-minute escape from the fatherless homes from which many poor African Americans came.

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Kaylin Wesley: A warrior for good mental health

There’s an unfortunate tradition within the African American community that conflicts with the benefits of modern medicine and hospital care. Specifically, poor mental health is among the most undiagnosed illnesses among Black people, primarily because of the stigma attached.

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Getting dirty with Ron Finley: The ‘Gangsta Gardener’

Ron Finley owns an Olympic-size swimming pool, but there’s no water inside. The cavernous structure has been empty for several years and currently serves as the centerpiece for a tropical paradise embedded in the heart of South Los Angeles. “I have three sons—they’re all creators like me,” Finley explained. His voice emitted the joyous tone of a proud father.

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VH1 hosts its second annual ‘Dear Mama’ celebration

The weather couldn’t have been much worse for an outdoor red carpet celebration. The air was nippy, the sky was gray and dreary, and for a brief moment, it rained. Nevertheless, throngs of reporters braved the elements and gathered to provide coverage for VH1’s second annual Mother’s Day special: “Dear Mama: An Event To Honor Moms” which aired Monday.

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Remembering our favorite Black TV moms

Who can forget Clair Huxtable’s radiant smile and infectious charm? Can you still remember Vivian Banks and her smooth, mahogany skin and sharp intellect? Will we ever witness a more steadfast and loving TV mom than Florida Evans? These fictional characters embodied the essential qualities that every matriarch should possess. They remind us of the invaluable role that women play in the development and success of their offspring.

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Young, Black Filmmakers Gather To Showcase Their Wares

Jack Daniel’s has launched “Real To Reel,” a nationwide competition for aspiring directors to submit their best work and potentially win a cash prize from the brand’s newest alcoholic beverage line “Gentleman Jack”.

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Millennials: What will it take to move them toward independence?

Sydney Burroughs gasses up her car every morning at 5:30 a.m. to be fully-fueled for a half-day’s work. She’s an Uber driver, albeit reluctantly, and when she’s done roving from one destination to another, the remainder of her afternoon is dedicated to a second job as a barista at a small coffee house in Central Los Angeles. At 28 years-old, Sydney is in constant motion for nearly 13 hours every day. But juggling two service jobs wasn’t part of her original plan. When she graduated from college in 2006, her eyes were set on a career in corporate advertising. Now, 11 years removed from recieving her cap and gown, she wonders if a time will come when she can finally put her degree to use.

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Black millennials: Trapped under the weight of racism and a cash-poor economy

The ‘Peter Pan’ syndrome

Jerry Houston will be another year older in July, but he’s not planning a celebration for his 29th birthday. “There’s nothing to celebrate”, he scoffed. “I’m up to my ankles in debt from school loans and the degree I earned isn’t doing anything for me. I owe $30,000 for an education that I thought would help me land a decent paying job. But that’s not where I am right now. Until I get there, I don’t plan on celebrating any future birthdays.” In roughly 15 months, Jerry will enter his 30s, a milestone that stirs mixed emotions in the hearts of those of who dread getting older. This transition can be particularly worrisome for young adults who feel as though they’ve underachieved. Jerry, for now, belongs in this category. He works at a high-end clothing boutique in Santa Monica where he’s paid slightly above minimum wage.

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Former NFL star Aaron Hernandez found hanged in prison cell

Convicted murderer and former New England Patriots star Aaron J. Hernandez was found hanged in his Massachusetts prison cell Wednesday morning, in an apparent suicide five days after he was acquitted of two additional murders. Hernandez was serving life without parole for killing Odin L. Lloyd in an industrial park near the football player’s million-dollar North Attleborough home in 2013.

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