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Los Angeles workers gather to protest Measure S

Wearing hardhats and waving homemade signs, a diverse collection of construction workers and affordable housing advocates gathered recently to protest the potential passage of Measure S, a proposal that would ban development of low-cost housing and potentially eliminate more than an estimated 12,000 good-paying jobs with benefits.

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Aloe Blacc conducts jam session with young inner-city musicians

Taking a break from his fast-paced touring schedule, soul artist Aloe Blacc recently spent time with a group of young, talented musicians as part of an enrichment program offered at the Fernando Pullum Community Arts Center (Los Angeles).

Black America’s ‘savior complex’ causes many to question Obama’s impact

The former president simply could not meet the unrealistic expectations imposed on him by those who supported him most.

Savior: a person who saves someone or something (especially a country or cause) from danger, or who is often regarded with the veneration of a religious figure. In 2008, millions of African Americans converged to vote for a man who they believed would be a game changer. The result of that year’s presidential election was viewed by many as the realization of a prophecy delivered in 1963 by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. The election was, and will always be, the most profound moment in Black history.

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Pills from the underground

nNon-prescription Viagra, commonly known as a male-enhancement drug for the elderly, has infiltrated the bedrooms of today’s young Black men.

Clinton O’Neal is a genetic marvel. He’s nearly 6-foot-4 inches tall, his physique consists of layer upon layer of hulking muscle and is devoid of visible body fat. According to a handful of his past lovers, each of whom asked to be kept anonymous, Mr. O’Neal is also well-endowed. It’s his most prized possession aside from the multigenerational collection of pornography he has tucked away in his closet.

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Kendrick Lamar isn’t a lyrical genius

If Blacks were more educated, there wouldn’t be such a fuss over Lamar’s perceived ‘mastery’ of the English language.”

I get it—Kendrick Lamar is better than average at stringing together coherent sentences

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Afeni Shakur mother of Tupac, is dead at 69

Afeni Shakur, mother of hip-hop legend Tupac, dead at 69

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