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Iconic Actress Cicely Tyson Dies At 96

Tyson scored an Oscar nomination for her work in "Sounder''

Cicely Tyson died at age 96 Thursday...

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COVID deaths continue mounting in LA County, but don't celebrate yet

The average hospital stay for patients has increased to more than nine days

There's cautious optimism today that stabilizing COVID-19 case numbers...

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Rodney King’s daughter will establish scholarship fund

‘I Am A King’

Lora King, the daughter of the late Rodney King, whose beating by LAPD...

Green Valley man sentenced in child pornography case

A plumber from Los Angeles County who collected thousands of images and online..

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McDonnell hints he may remain in law enforcement

Concedes after stunning defeat

One day after conceding defeat in his reelection bid, Los Angeles County Sheriff Jim McDonnell said this week he has no plans..

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Bill Cosby faces new allegations of sexually inappropriate behavior

Three more women came forward publicly Wednesday to accuse Bill Cosby of sexually inappropriate behavior, creating yet another wave of allegations that the comedian abused his power by drugging and assaulting women.

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Could a Facebook 'Dislike' button backfire among teens?

I admit, it is more than a little strange to "Like" a Facebook post where a friend shares tragic news such as the death of a loved one or the loss of a pet.

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Joyce Mitchell, who aided prison break, going to prison herself

Joyce Mitchell, who helped two convicted murderers escape an upstate New York prison in June, is headed to prison herself, as the judge said he didn't find her explanation credible.

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Bill Cosby: Universities rescind honorary degrees

Bill Cosby's stunning fall from grace appears far from over.

Banksy's Dismaland theme park to be turned into shelters for migrants in Calais

Banksy's Dismaland, the "most disappointing" theme park in Britain, will be broken down and turned into shelters for migrants in France. "Coming soon ... Dismaland Calais," a statement on the park's website announced Monday. "All the timber and fixtures from Dismaland are being sent to the 'Jungle' refugee camp near Calais to build shelters. No online tickets will be available."

Saving lives at 18 of the world's suicide 'hot spots'

Since the Golden Gate Bridge was built in San Francisco in 1937, more than 1,600 people have jumped off it and died. The bridge is one of many sites around the world that are considered suicide hot spots because people use them frequently to take their own lives. A new analysis suggests that several different types of interventions could help reduce the risk of suicide at these hot spots, typically bridges, cliffs or other high places.

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5-minute morning yoga to seize the day

Most of us don't have the luxury of starting our days with the easy-going, sunrise-watching, coffee-sipping routines depicted in commercials. It's usually more about hoping the caffeine kicks in quickly as you juggle getting yourself ready with responding to the demands of your household and buzzing phone. That said, like we're told during inflight safety demonstrations, it's important to put on your oxygen mask before helping others. That's why I recommend five minutes of yoga every morning to set your body and mind right -- before doing anything else.

Let toys be toys: The case for gender-neutral marketing

Remember when Target announced it was phasing out gender-based signs in some departments? Despite some criticism, the big box retailer has been quick to act on its pledge. Stores across the country have removed references to "boys" and "girls" in toy, home and entertainment aisles and traded in pink and blue shelves for a neutral, wood-grain look. Instead, toys are sorted by categories -- dolls, action figures, building sets, etc. -- while books and movies are sorted by genre and bedding is just... bedding. (For now, Target's website is a different matter.)

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Kanye West's last minute NYFW show angers designers

Rapper Kanye West has managed to offend some folks during New York Fashion Week.

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NFL says it has taken steps to reduce concussions in recent seasons

87 of 91 tested ex-NFL players had brain disease linked to head trauma

Eighty-seven of 91 former NFL players who donated their brains to science after death tested positive for a brain disease that is believed to be linked with repeated head trauma and concussions, researchers said.

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#Emmys2015 is a social media hit

Congratulations, #Emmys! Social media loved you!

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Google has been breaking the law in Russia

The company has been found guilty of forcing Russian vendors to preload Android smartphone devices with Google apps and banning them from installing services offered by rival search engines.

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Happy 30th, 'Super Mario'! Five big Mario moments

Hard to believe it has been 30 years since we were first told "our princess is in another castle."

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Prosthetic hand 'tells' the brain what it is touching

DARPA researchers demonstrate a prosthetic that might communicate sense of touch to the user

Research on prosthetic hands has come a long way, but most of it has focused on improving the way the body controls the device.

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11 shootings in 11 days along busy stretch of Phoenix highway

Eleven shootings, 11 days, all along one small, busy stretch of Interstate-10 through downtown Phoenix.

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Walter Scott shooting case: Court documents reveal new details

Should the former police officer accused of killing an unarmed black man in South Carolina have the chance to get out of jail on bond?

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Amazon launches restaurant delivery service in Seattle

What won't Amazon's delivery service do?

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Why Netflix won't offer offline viewing

Watching movies offline is a nice idea, but Netflix isn't convinced that a lot of people will actually do it.

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A folding paper microscope? It's real

Low cost and ease of use could make it useful for public health, inventor says

Sometimes, inventors come up with things the world wants. The Rubik's Cube. iPhones. Snuggies. Then there are the things the world needs. The wheel. Penicillin. Anything with caffeine in it.

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Official: 10 dead in Colorado, North Carolina, Oregon plane crashes

Three small airplanes crashed this long Labor Day weekend from North Carolina to Oregon, leaving 10 people dead and pressing questions about what happened in each case, a government official said Monday.

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Caller to Colorado police threatens to start shooting officers

Denver area law enforcement agencies are on alert after someone called the Aurora police department's 911 center and threatened to start shooting officers.

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Pope Francis makes annulment of marriages cheaper and easier

Pope Francis on Tuesday radically revised the process by which Catholics may annul their marriages, streamlining steps that many in the church considered too cumbersome and costly.

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No, James Earl Jones is not dead

We really wish the Internet would stop trying to kill celebrities.

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What hip-hop lyrics tell us about Hillary Rodham Clinton

In her starring role in Robin Thicke's newest single "Back Together," rapper Nicki Minaj name drops Hillary Clinton: "Used to call me Hillary cause I ride 'em," which is a play off of Hillary Clinton's maiden name, "Rodham."

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Kanye West declares 2020 presidential bid at VMAs

Forget 2016. Kanye West says he's planning to run for president in 2020.

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'Fear the Walking Dead': 5 things we learned from the premiere

After what seemed like months of buildup, we finally got to see "Fear the Walking Dead" on Sunday night. Fans of the original show, about a group of human survivors in a post-apocalyptic Southeast U.S. overrun with zombies, tuned in to learn about the origins of the outbreak. This companion series to "The Walking Dead" explores the early days of the zombie apocalypse in Los Angeles. The story is told through the eyes of a blended family whose members are just beginning to realize that something around them is going terribly wrong.

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What's wrong with this Caitlyn Jenner Halloween costume?

Halloween is a long way off but one costume already has emerged as controversial. Several retailers are offering Caitlyn Jenner Halloween costumes featuring variations of the ensemble worn by the transgender trailblazer for her iconic Vanity Fair cover.

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Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence are working together

What do you get when you mix two of the coolest and most beloved female celebrities? Hopefully a great movie. According to the New York Times, Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer have teamed up to write a screenplay in which they star as sisters.

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Taylor Swift invites Lisa Kudrow onstage for 'Smelly Cat'

Continuing her run of inviting surprise guests to join her onstage during her current tour, Taylor Swift performed duets Wednesday night with Selena Gomez and Justin Timberlake.

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Disney previews its new princess, Moana

The next Disney princess to travel on a voyage of self-discovery will be arriving next year, and the head honchos at Disney hope their Polynesian princess is as popular as the Snow Queen-inspired duo.

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Ready for a 'Straight Outta Compton' sequel?

If there is money to be made, you better believe Hollywood will make sequel after sequel of a successful film.

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Wiz Khalifa: I was restrained for riding a hoverboard

Rapper Wiz Khalifa is claiming his use of a "Back to the Future"-esque hoverboard got him in big trouble with customs in Los Angeles.

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ISIS leader sexually abused U.S. hostage

ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi sexually abused American hostage Kayla Mueller while she was in captivity, U.S. government officials said.

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'Straight Outta Compton' tops the charts with $60.2 million

"Straight Outta Compton" went to the top of the charts this weekend with one of the biggest surprises of the summer box office.

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'Bionic ear' lets deaf boy hear his family for the first time

In many ways, Caiden Moran is an average five-year-old boy. Running around his front yard, climbing trees and playing with his brother, the only difference you might notice is the small device on the side of his head. "Caiden was born, and before we left the hospital we did the newborn hearing screening. And he had failed, so we came back a week later, did the test again, failed again," said his mother Danielle Moran.

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Airline begins weighing passengers for 'safety'

"Now if you could please step on the scale, we need to check your weight."

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'Straight Outta Compton' stars on police: 'Things haven't changed'

For the stars of "Straight Outta Compton" not much has changed in terms of the tension between police and African Americans since the days of the influential rap group N.W.A.

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California students develop 'Toilet Valet' app to find public restrooms

No matter who you are, at some point in time, we all need to use a restroom.

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Out on a limb: Pioneering scientists grow monkey arms in the lab

In a U.S. laboratory, a monkey arm is stripped down as far as its individual cells. All that's left behind is a bare, frail scaffold.

Gas prices poised for a steep drop

Gas prices are down, and they are about to fall even further -- perhaps to less than $2 a gallon.

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Coke funds health group that shifts blame away from soda

Coke is funding a health research organization that shifts blame away from sugary soda drinks as a cause of obesity.

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Another tense night in Ferguson

A day of civil disobedience that saw several arrests in Ferguson ended Monday with some protesters throwing rocks and bottles at police.

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Target to move away from gender-based signs

Attention Target shoppers: Say goodbye to "girls' building sets" and "boys' bedding."

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Evacuees wait while California burns, conditions deteriorate

Four days after Vicki Estrella and her husband were forced from their Northern California home, there was no word on when they might be able to return.