The politics of a consumer-friendly eminent domain

Even though, according to a recent evaluation report by Barclays Bank, the California Homeowner Bill of Rights—which became official on Jan. 1, 2013—is having a definite impact on slowing bank foreclosures in the state, some municipalities still end up with ...

The politics of paying for the N-word

In Lee Daniels’ new movie, “The Butler,” the first part of the story gives one of the most compelling arguments in any modern media for African Americans to cease and desist from calling each other the N-word.

Whither Arthur Ashe?

This week during the 2013 version of the U.S. Open Tennis tournament, James Blake, a perennial top player since 1999, is retiring from the sport.

Trayvon Martin case may not have the legal legs to stand on

Emotions still are running very high regarding George Zimmerman’s acquittal for killing Trayvon Martin. While frequently the federal government has stepped in when a state court has freed suspects in cases that seemed to be hate-crime-based, much more often, it ...

Getting us out of the war on small-time drugs

President Barack Obama has already made history. Twice. He can rest on his laurels and just ride out the remainder of his second term without shooting for any more stars. After all, the stormy petrels of Washington will beat their ...

The reparations issue is not dead

In the USA, with the election of Barack Obama, the Republican control of chairships in the current—and maybe future—Congress, the Black Farmers’ settlement, and numerous other small but significant adjustments in time, the reparations movement seems moribund, if not totally ...

Leaving Blacks out of immigration reform

A few years ago, when immigration reform activity was hot and heavy, a U.S. Senate version of reform legislation included a path to citizenship and other reasonable proposals. A House version was draconian.

The value of Black men? just north of zero

OK. It has been done and won’t be undone. An American took another young American’s life and was acquitted of any criminal responsibility for it. A lot has already been said on the issue, maybe too much. My two cents ...

Obama’s Africa trip was more than what it seems

As measured by quantity and depth of media coverage, President Obama’s recent trip to three African countries—June 26-July 2—did not amount to much.

Standing against the falsification of African history

In Sunday’s Los Angeles Times, a professor Zimmerman, from an East Coast institution, wrote a rather startling article. In it, he said homosexuality “was endemic in Africa” before European colonialism bedeviled it. Endemic means constantly present and widespread.

Practical Politics

There are two issues in this week’s column: one local and one national. The first, briefly stated, is where are the trees they promised? Has anyone paid much attention to the Crenshaw/King corridor lately? It was promised by the city ...

Blacks once rode athletics to political credibility

Throughout American history, military valor and athletic showmanship have been utilized by African Americans as weapons for cultural respect.

Could Republicans be contemplating impeachment?

In 1998, two years into his second term, the Republican majority in the House of Representatives voted articles of impeachment against then-president Bill Clinton. He was accused of perjury and obstruction of justice, in connection with the Monica Lewinsky sex ...

All the continent moves to achieve a Pan African education

Colonial education in Africa was fundamentally aimed at teaching Africans that Europeans were superior in everything, and that the purpose of African life was to follow whatever Europeans said and go wherever they led. Africans were to stay divided and ...

A quest for a Black agenda at the Galen Center

Last Sunday at the Galen Center, a group of collected community groups, USC's Office of...