The politics of easing on down the road

As the clock ticks towards January 20th and a final “good riddance chant”...

The politics of moving on up, again

I’m exhausted with Trump’s persistent non-perspicacity..

The politics of expecting a rose and getting a toad

Included in that is our own fault in giving him the benefit of the doubt..

The Politics of Trump’s continuing theater of the absurd

In Donald Trump’s presidency, he preyed on people’s need to believe in something...

The politics of let’s let the loser win

At the outset, let’s be clear: Donald Trump lost the election by over 5.5..

The politics of fighting until the last out

Okay, even though certification of all state votes is not in yet, it’s all..

The politics of myth, mistakes and misinformation in the Reparations Movement

The push toward a viable reparations solution in the United States...

The politics of sure, you’re voting—now what?

Okay, you’ve been convinced. Voting this time—although it is every time—is..

The continuing politics of presidential mischief in the COVID-19 age

Okay, two things this week: the continuing odyssey of former General Michael..

The politics of new reparations blood—next stage

Last Wednesday, Sept. 30, Gov. Newsom of California put new life into the..

The Politics of the Drowning Man

It is a known fact that even those who know how to swim can still..

The politics of African American mayors in 21st Century America

In the United States, municipal mayors are commonly seen as the elected..

The politics of the COVID-19 virus in the sh**hole countries

This is not the article I intended to write for this week’s column. I had actually already..

The politics of seeing tangible results of protest

As animated, sometimes violent protest demonstrations continue in several American..

The Politics of A Cartoon Presidency

While growing up in Florida, I was a strong aficionado of cartoons, comic books and..