U.S. spending extraordinary amounts on ‘guard labor’

America’s gun culture costs lives and feeds our fears. Consider the most recent injustice in Florida, the verdict in the Michael Dunn case, and the most recent news about America’s “guard labor.”

The Obama Legacy

President Barack Obama has announced My Brother’s Keeper, an initiative to help young Black and Brown men succeed in the east wing of the White House. Many present described the announcement of this initiative as “an emotional moment” for President ...

To Be Equal

“You can’t allow 15,000 school boards to home bake their own little standards subject to their own political pressures and think we are going to have international competitiveness. We have to at least have some bare minimum core standards if ...

NAACP spends lion’s share of Image Award ad budget with non-Black media

What would W.E.B. DuBois do? It is such an insult that the NAACP would disrespect the Black press regarding ad buys that it’s almost too shameful to write about, but I had to, it’s what we do.

Who should be afraid?

In the years after enslavement ended, Southern Whites did all they could to return to a manner of slavery. No White person “owned” a Black person, but many behaved as if they did.

The Politics of Points of Order

As more and more of the Black Arts generation abruptly slips into the grave, the issue of the readiness of the Millennials for the next generation of leadership forces itself forward.

Another Florida man gets away with murder

As we approach the second anniversary of Trayvon Martin’s murder in Sanford, Fla., justice again has been shortchanged in the Sunshine State. It was incredulous that George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watchman and wannabe cop, was found not guilty of murder ...

Clarence Thomas lacks institutional memory

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is at it again. Whenever he opens his mouth about race, he displays a surprising myopia for a 65-year-old African American man who was raised in the Deep South during a segregated era.

Black History Month: needed now more than ever

“There is no more powerful force than a people steeped in their history. And there is no higher cause than honoring our struggle and ancestors by remembering.” – Lonnie Bunch, founding director, National Museum of African American History and Culture

The Politics of Recognizing Black Genius

With today’s cell phones, you can talk to virtually anyone on the planet. Inside every cell phone you have a compact speaker, microphone, keyboard, display screen, and a powerful circuit board with microprocessors that make every phone a miniature computer. ...

Monetizing a Massacre

Had he not massacred Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman would be an average White man holding down a mediocre job, living under the radar, and aspiring for a law enforcement job. He and his wife would probably be divorcing (as they ...

Dr. King ‘turning in his grave’ over family greed

The children of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. sue each other—as well as loyal family friends—so often that you need a program to keep up with the court action. Bernice and Martin Luther King III sued Dexter because he failed ...

The Politics of Snow Flying

Dressed in white, shaded in black against all that snow and ice, Shani Davis looks good again. Without the most recognizable name of Lindsey Vonn in the Sochi Olympics, and with Apolo Ohno’s retirement, the most likely prominent face of ...

Counting the Cost

In President Barack Obama’s State of the Union (SOU) address, he appealed to our nation’s employers to raise wages from the current minimum of $7.25 an hour to $10.10 an hour.

Judge to decide if Black Press will be treated fairly by tobacco firms

A “concerned” U.S. District Judge Gladys Kessler is expected to rule next week on whether advertising she ordered major tobacco companies to purchase in order to correct their past false statements about the danger of smoking should be expanded to ...