Shead will host football camp

DeShawn Shead will conduct a free Youth Skills Football Camp tomorrow from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m at Domenic Massari Park, 37715 55th St. East in Palmdale.

The politics of historical delusion

One news source reported this week that one of its investigators interviewed one of Dylann Roof's cousins, who said that Roof had been trying to romance a young White girl recently who rejected him in favor of hooking up with ...

Focus on real Black women, not imposters

By the time you read this, perhaps the disturbing story of Rachel Dolezal, the prevaricating White woman who passed for Black, led the Spokane NAACP, and wove a web of elaborate lies, would have receded from media headlines. Probably not. ...

Mocha Moms Inc. sends open letter to the Fraternal Order of Police

So much has already been said and written about what happened in McKinney, Texas. We, Mocha Moms Inc., have struggled with the question: What more can we add to the conversation?

Practical Politics

In February 2014, to add to the public policy executive order he’d already issued in July 2012 regarding assisting African American youth to overcome the systemic obstacles against their success in the USA, President Barack Obama issued an order to ...

Counting the Cost

The unemployment rate rose just a bit in May, an indicator that Wall Street and Main Street are celebrating because that means more people are looking for work and that more people are optimistic.

I need my father

As an Afro-American grandfather, I now understand that fatherhood is a privilege, not simply a right. I realize that being a father is an institution, professorship of trust, culture, and emotions attached to DNA. There is no question that each ...

The politics of putrid puffery

One distinctive and unfortunate part of African American culture is the too-often repeated exercise of public rants against each other. This habit is not ameliorated because it has a very long-standing tradition within the community, nor is it okay just ...

Fox News favorite ‘people’s sheriff’ should drop his comedic charade

Milwaukee County’s David Clarke could be a valuable voice in the national conversation over police violence. Instead he’s on Fox News blaming ‘Black underclass subculture behavior.’

The politics of sudden, silent death

Clearly, being Black means having a ton of obstacles relentlessly in one’s way forward. Some such hurdles are self-imposed (e.g., too much pork-eating, too much greasy fried food, too much self-hate, too much backward thinking when thinking at all, etc.). ...

Counting the Cost

When racist attitudes, either conscious or subconscious, are combined with the discretionary powers that law enforcement officers have, the result is a differential outcome, with African Americans more likely to be the targets of “blind justice.”

Warren Lane Elementary students unveil mural honoring Jesse Owens

P.S. Arts and students of Inglewood’s Warren Lane Elementary, along with actress Keke Palmer (Akeelah & The Bee, Brotherly Love, upcoming Scream Queens) unveiled a mural this week that honors Jesse Owens, who upstaged Nazi Germany at the 1936 Berlin ...

The Waco biker riot and the lexicon of racism

Question: When men (and a few women) belonging to gangs known to law enforcement agencies for criminal behavior explode in a rampage–using guns, knives, clubs, and chains trying to kill each other, and police officers, too—that leaves nine dead, nearly ...

Counting the Cost

When Amtrak Northeast Regional Train 188 derailed on May 12, federal budget observers wondered if the underfunding of our nation’s fraying infrastructure was at least partly responsible for the deaths of eight people (according to the New York Times) and ...

Michelle Obama resists taking the easy way out

More than any other first lady of the United States of America, Michelle Obama continues to stand above those who would attempt to distort her leadership. First lady Obama’s recent commencement address at the Tuskegee University in Alabama exemplified her ...