Oprah to campaign for House candidate

You may have never heard of Lavern Chatman, a Democrat running for Congress in northern Virginia.

All Rise for Enroll Call

As the Obamacare enrollment deadline approaches, it becomes clearer that African Americans have the most to gain from low-cost health care coverage.

Ways to close the nation’s wealth gap

Today, middle class households feel the same financial stress that low- and moderate-income families have borne for years, says new research by the Corporation for Enterprise Development (CFED), a national nonprofit organization working to alleviate poverty and create economic opportunity. ...

Two buildings collapse, at least 2 dead after Manhattan explosion

NEW YORK (CNN) -- At least two people were killed after a massive explosion and raging fire Wednesday morning in Manhattan’s East Harlem, authorities said.

Crowdsourcing volunteers comb satellite photos for Malaysia Airlines jet

You -- the person now reading this story -- can help experts solve the mystery of what happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, which disappeared over the open sea.

War affects children in unforeseen ways

When Melissa Seligman's husband left on his second deployment to Iraq in 2005, their 2-year-old daughter began banging her head on the floor. The Army wife tried to rock the girl, sing to her. With a newborn to care for, ...

Obama aims to bypass Congress with ‘My Brother’s Keeper’ initiative

OW Contributor President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address, and his recently announced “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative, might be considered his response to the prolonged inflexibility of Congress during the course of his administration. Designed specifically to target young ...

Cruise ship rescues 24 stranded Cubans

Matthew Sudders has been on plenty of cruises, but he'd never seen anything like this.

Women in power: Hypervisible, still unseen

Recently, University of Illinois Chancellor Phyllis Wise, who is Asian-American, was bombarded with harassing tweets when she decided not to cancel classes at the Urbana-Champaign campus during January's severe weather.

Obama seeks another hike in aviation security fees

It took years to get through -- an increase in the fee airline passengers pay for airport screening and other government-run aspects of aviation security

Candy store offers free Fat Tuesday fudge for 'fatties'

Can't a little Missouri candy store have a little fun? Fat chance.

Fugitive and whistleblower Edward Snowden to speak from Russia at SXSW

Even though he can't set foot in the United States for fear of arrest, fugitive National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden has joined the speakers' roster at this year's South by Southwest Interactive Festival

10-year-old suspended for making fingers into shape of gun

Ten-year-old Nathan Entingh doesn't understand why he got suspended from school for three days.

White House honors ‘Champions of Change’

The White House honored 10 local heroes who are “Champions of Change” for their innovation in creating diversity and access in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) fields. These champions are creating opportunities for young people typically underrepresented in STEM ...

On This Day in Black History...

Born in New York in 1967, Olympian Debi Thomas started ice skating at an early age. She grew up in San Jose, Calif. where her interest in the sport first began. Thomas attributed most of her success to her mother ...