MLK’s daughter warns ‘America may go to hell’ – echoing her father’s own words

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Maya Angelou’s 90th birthday celebrated by Google

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Black man punches woman for calling him n-word: now she’s dead and he’s facing prison time for murder

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Black high school student accepted into 20 top colleges, with full ride scholarship

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Store clerk shoots and kills Black teen for stealing beer

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Former NBA star steps up to provide scholarships for Stephon Clark’s sons

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Mom accuses principal of cutting son’s hair without permission

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Chcago Mayor Emanuel, Black aldermen ‘beyond outraged’ over ‘unacceptable’ conditions of public schools

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Heineken pulls beer ad after it was labeled ‘terribly racist’ by Chance the Rapper

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Black motorist shot by white constable draws scrutiny

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Linda Brown from Brown vs. Board of Education passes

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Supporters of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakkhan plan protest in front of White House

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Students set to march 50 miles + to House Speaker Paul Ryan’s hometown in support of gun laws, Civil Rights style

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Holly and Rodney Peete to be honored at Fundraiser

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