Black Women Lead Surge In Gun Ownership

A recent study has shown that black women outpace other races and genders in securing concealed carry permits.

Pres. Trump Rejects 2nd Invite From NAACP To Speak At National Convention

President Trump has rejected an invitation to speak at the annual convention of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People/NAACP in Baltimore, according to White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders.

Memphis Woman Claims White Doctor Called Her ‘Aunt Jemima’

An African-American Memphis woman claims that her doctor recently used an offensive racial slur when he greeted her in his office.

Teen Vogue Publishes Story About 'Anal Sex'

Teen Vogue recently continued its agenda-driven mission with a new “tutorial” for its young readers on how to have anal sex.

Black-Owned Law Firm Named One of the 10 Best Law Firms in California by the AIOLC

The Law Office of Zulu Ali in Riverside, California has been named one of the 10 Best Law Firms in California for Client Satisfaction in the areas of Criminal Defense, Immigrations, and Personal Injury by the American Institute of Legal ...

Philly Pre-School Teacher Calls Out Beauty Salon That ‘Made Me Feel Ugly’ (FB Post Goes Viral!)

Philly Pre-School Teacher Calls Out Beauty Salon That ‘Made Me Feel Ugly’ (FB Post Goes Viral!)

Donald Trump appears to be changing his mind about mass deportations. Does it matter?

Donald Trump’s pledge to deport more than 11 million undocumented immigrants was always preposterous, so we suppose it should be welcome news that he might be rethinking his position.

Policeman pulls over black woman and quickly discovers she is the state attorney

A pair of police officers have caught themselves on camera, struggling to explain why they had pulled over Florida’s first and only black state attorney.

Bill Cosby Ridiculed After Urging People To 'Do Something Nice' On His 80th Birthday

*Bill Cosby sent out a tweet asking people to do “something kind” in honor of his 80th birthday. They commenced to roasting him instead.

How and Why Donald Trump Has The Christian Right In His Pocket

Focus on the Family has never hosted a President, but white evangelicals have been his most loyal supporters. As Pence stated, the group has, “ an unwavering ally in President Donald Trump.”

'Run The Rock 2020' Campaign Committee Set Up To Explore Dwayne Johnson Presidential Run

“Run the Rock 2020” campaign committee is officially on the books at the Federal Election Commission (FEC) thanks to a filing Sunday by Kenton Tilford, an individual based in West Virginia.

Clueless: KKK Member Shows Up To Protest Sporting Dreadlocks

Among the 50 or so KKK members was a Klansman sporting dreadlocks, a style rooted in the culture he supposedly hates.

The Black Owned Wine & Spirits Festival Announce 2nd Annual Event (Washington DC)

The Black Owned Wine & Spirits Festival is pleased to announce its 2nd Annual event which will take place in Washington, DC on September 30, 2017 at The Showroom DC.

‘This isn’t the Ghetto’: Neighbors try to push black family out of their community

A family in Fishers, Indiana would like to know who left a nasty note in their mailbox.

‘Permanently disabled’ Baton Rouge officer sues Black Lives Matter for 2016 ambush shooting

One year after law enforcement officers in Texas and Louisiana were ambushed by angry gunmen who said they were retaliating for high profile fatal police shootings nationwide, critics of Black Lives Matter are still trying to pin responsibility on the ...