Construction workers find remains of 95 Black laborers

Workers at a Sugar Land, Texas, construction site have unearthed 95 bodies possibly..

Boss gives new employee new car after he walks 20 miles to make first day at work

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Steph Curry dons cover of Variety… championing new career

When LeBron James signed recently with the Los Angeles Lakers, a lot of people realized..

Rolling Stone: Rising racial tension creating new era of Jim Crow

Rolling Stone magazine has always focused on music but has also had a penchant for..

University suspends relationship with Papa John’s after founder’s use of n-word

Recent words and actions by public figures exhibiting disrespect for Black folk have..

Colleges’ faculty members concerned about diversity at Los Angeles universities

Some faculty members at the community colleges in the Los Angeles are concerned..

Forbes report: Why McDonald’s, Coke and General Mills made African Americans their lead consumers

Forbes, which is a respected business magazine, offers a feature this week on how..

Once racist bar in Brooklyn now attracts Black customers, thanks to Black chef, co-owner

A year ago, a bar in Brooklyn called Summerhill BK was put on blast as “racist” after its..

Activist demanding body camera footage from latest shooting of Black man in Chicago

The news that a Black man was killed by police in Chicago is so common these days...

LeBron James up for comedy role in movie

If you thought LeBron James’ move to Los Angeles was all about basketball, think again..

Great grandson of first Black highway patrolman victim of racial profiling

Chances are the parents of pre-teenager Uriah Sharp were scared for a moment when they..

Feds re-open Emmett Till case

It’s one of the ugliest examples of racism from the 1950s, and now it’s being re-examined..

Streamers continue to compete for Black content to attract viewers

Our Weekly has recently written about how the major firms streaming content – Netflix...

Black farmers sold fake seeds, lawsuit claims

So much racism, hate and ugliness has been popping up recently against people of color..

Church established by first Black landowner celebrates major anniversary

Founded by Michigan’s first Black female landowner, St. James Episcopal Church of Grosse..