Marvin Gaye’s estate wins again: higher court upholds ‘Blurred Lines’

On Wednesday, a panel on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals confirmed that it will continue to uphold..

Michael B. Jordan making moving on Black Panthers in WWII

Actor Michael B. Jordan is emerging as a Hollywood mover and shaker. Recently, he announced..

Report: Iowa teachers are ill prepared to teach Black males

The Des Moines Register reported today that Iowa teachers, who are mostly white females, are ill..

Jay-Z’s Roc Nation invests in bail reform

At 48, rapper and business maven Jay Z is almost as popular as his superstar wife..

Waitress at IHOP asks Black teens to pay before receiving food

An IHOP in Auburn, Maine, ended up with egg on its face last week after one of its waitresses..

Black Lives Matter, other community groups join discussion on police reform in Chicago

Black Lives Matter and a coalition of other community groups have won a seat at the table as the..

Statue of Historic Black woman to replace racist statue in Pittsburgh

Across the country, in cities such as Baltimore andNew Orleans, controversial monuments to..

White man faces 10 years in prison and $250,000 fine for assaulting Black neighbor

A white man in Salt Lake, Utah, didn’t want any African Americans to live in his apartment..

Muslim women asked to take off Hijab for mugshots file Civil Rights lawsuit

Two Muslim women who were arrested in New York City last year claim that police officers forced..

Man who sold real estate to hip hop stars killed ex-wife in California mall

One day Kevin Crane was selling real estate to hip hop stars such as Travis Scoot and the next day..

Baltimore Salvation Army opens first nonprofit grocery store

The Salvation Army is moving moves to combat...

GirlTrek honors Harriet Tubman, promotes wellness with 100-mile annual walk

It’s been 105 years since Harriet Tubman dies, but a movement continues to...

New Orleans restaurant owner charges Black people less than White customers

A Black chef and restaurant owner in New Orleans charges Black customers...

Nation of Islam calls 3 Black Congress members ‘sellouts’ for denouncing Farrakhan

The Nation of Islam lashed out at three Black members of Congress who denounced its leader..

Casino robber tried to disguise himself with blackface

A man in Las Vegas accused of robbing a bank tried to disguise himself by wearing blackface..