Another Black entertainment icon accused of sexual harassment

Morgan Freeman, who has played the president and played God in major films, is the latest..

Republican-appointed judges issues longer sentences to Black defendants

Well, here’s a surprise (not): Black defendants receive longer sentences from judges..

Teacher tells Black student he’ll be shot by the times he’s 16

A teacher in Kansas is under fire for telling a Black student that he would by shot by police..

She did it: Stacy Abrams wins Democratic Primary for governor of Georgia

Our Weekly has been reporting for months that Stacy Abrams, a Black legislator in..

Miami judge may be suspended for using slur to de

A commission recommended that Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Stephen Millan be..

Pharrell Williams acquires multi-million home from Tyler Perry

Media mogul Tyler Perry has reportedly sold his California home to music mogul Pharrell..

Black female pilots make history on Alaska Airlines flight

Two African American women made history Tuesday (May 22), as they piloted a..

Study: Suicide rates for Black kids twice that of white children

A pediatric journal called JAMA Pediatrics has published a report that says suicide rates among..

Tamir Rice’s mom opening youth center to honor son’s memory

You could hear the collective hearts of mothers of all colors break when news broke in 2014 of..

Black Oakland responds to white woman’s call to police

More than a week ago, a white woman tried to intimidate a Black family that was grilling in a park..

Washington Post: There should be s penalty for White people who call 911 on Black people doing nothing wrong

The Trump era has brought a drastic increase in the number of white people calling the police..

African American Music Museum adds Dr. Dina M. Bennett

The National Museum of African American Music (NMAAM) in Nashville has added renowned curator..

Rapper T.I. busted for assault, disorderly conduct at his own gated community

Atlanta resident and rapper T.I. was arrested early Wednesday morning after a situation with the..

Black nurses in the Army in WWII assigned to take care of Nazi prisoners, and wait for the reason

More than 75 years ago during World War II, which was basically a huge part of the Nazi..

‘Feisty’ former first Black female mayor in Washington passes

She was once the mayor of Lakewood, Washington, and the first Black woman to serve in that..