Thousands of summer jobs expected

Youth in Los Angeles County may be eligible to apply for one of thousands of summer jobs available in the region.

Crenshaw Chambers solicits questions for mayor

Mayor Eric Garcetti will be the keynote speaker at the June 17 general luncheon membership meeting of the Crenshaw Chamber of Commerce, and the public is invited to ask their questions about business concerns.

Anti-fracking bill defeated

California Senate Bill 1132, the anti-fracking measure introduced last year by Sens. Holly Mitchell (D-30) and Mark Leno (D-11), was shot down last week by the State Senate in Sacramento in a 16-16 vote with eight abstentions. The bill would ...

Key local races headed to run-offs

With 100 percent of precincts counted, candidates in two of the most critical local races are headed for a run-off during the Nov. 4 general election

Mayor’s ‘Great Streets’ initiative gives city needed makeovers

Mayor Eric Garcetti has officially announced the first 15 Los Angeles streets that will undergo a makeover under his Great Streets urban renewal program.

L.A. County Sheriff candidates

There'll be a new sheriff in town come June 3. Former Sheriff Lee Baca stepped down in January amid a firestorm of controversy, and there are now seven candidates vying for his coveted spot. But not one of them is ...

Santa Barbara killings lead to gun proposal

The mass killing near Santa Barbara, Calif., has prompted a proposal to create a “gun violence restraining order” that would temporarily bar a mentally unstable person from buying and possessing firearms after family, partners or friends call police.

Kamala Harris is stand-out candidate for Attorney General

The election for California’s Attorney General is June 3rd, as Kamala Harris seeks a second term. At this point, she is the front runner.

Hellmold leads by building relationships and making personal connections

James J. Hellmold does not believe in political talk; he believes in action. That is why the veteran lawman believes he is the best candidate to serve as the Los Angeles County Sheriff.

Bob Olmsted: Ending cronyism key to reform

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s election is rapidly approaching and Bob Olmsted says he is more than ready. In a recent interview, the candidate pointed out three main issues he will focus on immediately, if elected to office: auditing police ...

McDonnell says new perspective best solution for troubled LASD

Jim McDonnell believes an “outside set of eyes” is the best answer for the troubled Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. McDonnell, the current chief of police in Long Beach, entered the race for sheriff in January determined to bring an ...

Todd Rogers understands the policies and practice of policing

Assistant Sheriff Todd Rogers has been in law enforcement for the past 29 years. During that time, he’s seen a lot of issues plague the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department including cronyism, corruption, prison realignment and inmate abuse.

Patrick Gomez: Battling the ‘Baca Regime’

As L.A. County Sheriff, Patrick Gomez wants to put an end to corruption and return pride and integrity to the Department.

L.A. County Sheriff Candidate: Lou Vince

Running in this year’s election for L.A. County Sheriff, Lou Vince has provided leadership and oversight for many law enforcement operations, and was heavily involved in launching the LAPD’s Mission (2005) and Topanga (2009) Police Divisions—openings that today are rare.

Tanaka points to experience as key to revamping Sheriff’s Department

The most visible of all the candidates running for the office of Los Angeles County Sheriff is, of course, the former undersheriff, Paul K. Tanaka. A 30 plus year veteran in the law enforcement community, his steady rise within the ...