Black groups drag FDA into lawsuit over menthol cigarettes

Seven out of 10 African-American youth between ages 12 and 17 who..

L.A. controller unveils small business microloan tracker

L.A. Controller Ron Galperin, in cooperation with the City’s Economic and Workforce..

LAX info booths go virtual

Guests at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) now have access to Guest..

Congressional Black Caucus submits priorities for stimulus funding

From money for Head Start and non-profits to moratoriums on car debts, student..

Urban forest resources received

The City of Los Angeles has recently received a bounty of resources to help...

DPSS launches customer service website

Aimed at enhancing communication with the public by increasing..

‘Stop Killing Us’

Last week, several California social and criminal justice organizations...

LAPD loses first officer due to coronavirus

Flags at the state Capitol were flown at half-staff through sunset..

Becerra statement on day one of CCPA enforcement: Know your responsibilities

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra has issued the following statement as he..

Entrepreneur Ray Leonard Jr. to launch new book in fall

Ray Leonard Jr, now all-grown up, is a former two-sport division..

Supreme Court decides states can overrule Electoral College votes

In a July 6 unanimous decision, the nine members of the U.S. Supreme Court..

District chief judge steps down following ‘racist’ remarks

The chief judge of the Central District of California, which includes Los Angeles..

Mike Garcia receives initial House committee assignments

This week, freshman Rep. Mike Garcia (CA-25) was officially appointed..

So-called ‘quarantine fatigue’ contributes to rising death toll

While avoiding laying blame for the recent spike in coronavirus..

Palmdale reminds residents of hefty fines for illegal fireworks

The City of Palmdale is reminding residents that there are hefty fines..