‘Community reinvestment in today’s economy’

RISE Financial Pathways is one of four communtiity based organizations that help low income and underbanked start-up entrepremeurs solve some of the issues and financial credit manamagement tools using several social media tools inclding Amazon and Amazon dot.

Connect your small business to $1 billion in contracting opportunities

What if I told you there’s a customer who has a goal to buy $1 billion worth of goods and services from small businesses? This customer buys everything from office supplies and computers, consultant services, clothing, hygiene products, food, bedding, ...

Slawson Southeast Occupational Center to host job fair today

Need a job? More than 20 employers, who are ready to hire, will participate in a career and resource fair at the Richard N. Slawson Southeast Occupational Center, 5500 Rickenbacker Rd., in Bell, Calif., today from 9 a.m. to 1 ...

Industry experts say minorities should pursue oil, energy jobs

There are great opportunities for African Americans and Latinos in the oil, natural gas, and petrochemical industries, according to industry insiders, who are calling on minorities to “get in the game.”

State prepares accountability plan

The state board of education is expected to vote May 10 on a draft proposal of the plan officials expect to submit to the federal government that details California’s plan detailing the accountability they will use under the newly reauthorized ...

Minority-owned companies fight for equity in advertising

Retailers, restaurants, healthcare companies and technology firms often turn to newspaper inserts, as a tried-and-true method to reach consumers, especially minority consumers.

State lawmaker wants to tax companies that profit from private prisons

With the current national focus on law and order, some statewide organizations and lawmakers are working on what they say are solutions that promote investment

Attention small businesses: California’s escalating auto insurance costs are worsened by new CDI auto repair Regulations

The Black Business Association (BBA) is the oldest ethnic business organization, and headquartered in the State of California. Along with others, the BBA is concerned about the increasing severity and frequency of auto accidents, and the growing trend that will ...

Center Theatre Group presents ‘College and Career Fair for the Arts’

Center Theatre Group invites current high school students, parents and teachers to attend the second annual “College and Career Fair for the Arts” on Saturday, April 22, from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

New sales and use tax rates went into effect on April 1

New sales and use tax rates took effect on April 1, as a result of voter-approved initiatives in several cities and counties. The tax rate changes for the selected cities apply only within the indicated municipal limits.

Nation adds jobs elsewhere; Blacks are left standing in the unemployment line

The nation’s businesses added 235,000 jobs in February but the companies obviously didn’t hire in the Black community where the unemployment rate went up compared to other racial and ethnic groups. The Black jobless rate in February was 8.1 percent ...

Black job shortage is ‘crisis’

Widening inequality, rising housing costs and a lack of opportunity have led to a critical shortage of jobs in the Black community that has hit the crisis level, according to a new study from researchers at UCLA. The findings were ...

USC professor named first Black Federal Reserve Bank president

Raphael Bostic, a professor at the USC School of Public Policy, was named Monday president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, making him the first Black leader of a regional federal bank. “He is a seasoned and versatile leader, ...

Proposed tax on services may hurt small business owners

A proposed state bill designed to restructure California’s tax system could end up hurting small businesses. Senate Bill 640, which was introduced by State Sen. Robert M. Hertzberg (D-Los Angeles), would raise taxes on services such as haircuts, and beauty ...

Yes on S is about fighting gentrification

Urban renewal of the 1960s, which James Baldwin coined, “Negro Removal,” met fierce community opposition. Modern-day gentrification is more subtle, but equally vicious. The powerful perpetrators of displacement must like that the conversation typically focus on the new residents walking ...