Trump disappoints in crowded GOP debate

People tuning into the much-anticipated GOP presidential debate last week were not disappointed. The lively FOX News debate featured 17 candidates and had to be split into two events, one for the top-rated candidates in the evening, and another for ...

Airline begins weighing passengers for 'safety'

"Now if you could please step on the scale, we need to check your weight."

Was it worth it?

America’s obsession with anniversaries may be likened to an addiction. During the course of this year, in particular, we have or will commemorate the recurring date of numerous notable events.

City error costs Watts again

Los Angeles City Councilman Joe Buscaino this week called for an immediate change in leadership at the city’s housing authority. or the second consecutive year, the city has lost out on federal funding ($30 million) for a major redevelopment project ...

A call for boldness celebrates Los Angeles’ amazing Black women

A special event on Saturday in Downtown Los Angeles will celebrate the 197th birthday of Biddy Mason, the first Black woman to own real estate in the city, and a founding member of First African Methodist Episcopal (FAME) Church. The ...

California students develop 'Toilet Valet' app to find public restrooms

No matter who you are, at some point in time, we all need to use a restroom.

Out on a limb: Pioneering scientists grow monkey arms in the lab

In a U.S. laboratory, a monkey arm is stripped down as far as its individual cells. All that's left behind is a bare, frail scaffold.

Gas prices poised for a steep drop

Gas prices are down, and they are about to fall even further -- perhaps to less than $2 a gallon.

Another tense night in Ferguson

A day of civil disobedience that saw several arrests in Ferguson ended Monday with some protesters throwing rocks and bottles at police.

Target to move away from gender-based signs

Attention Target shoppers: Say goodbye to "girls' building sets" and "boys' bedding."

Central Valley dam project could bring relief

The debate about how to better manage water has continued for four years, but now the drought is triggering more political momentum for several water storage projects in the Central Valley. The Bureau of Reclamation said, in a report released ...

Federal oversight for mentally ill inmates

The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department this week agreed to implement sweeping reforms in its jail system in hopes of, at best, eliminating recurring mistreatment of mentally ill inmates at the hands of deputies.

CSU Super Saturday

California State University Super Saturday is a college fair designed to provide students and families from historically underserved communities with important information about preparing for, applying to, and graduating from college.

U.S. Department of Education launches Second Chance Pell pilot

As part of the Obama Administration’s commitment to create a fairer, more effective criminal justice system, reduce recidivism, and combat the impact of mass incarceration on communities, the Department of Education this week announced the Second Chance Pell Pilot program ...

Palmdale library hosts events

Palmdale Library will hold a variety of events for book lovers, crafters, and more.