Undocumented immigrant accused of murder, attempted rape in Ohio

For the second time in under a month, an undocumented immigrant has been accused of murdering someone after authorities became aware of their status but did not detain or deport them.

Bill remembers local dam disaster; McCarthy nixes highway bill

Rep. Steve Knight (CA-25) has introduced legislation that would authorize a national memorial to commemorate the 425 Californians who died in the 1928 collapse of the St. Francis Dam in San Francisquito Canyon.

Lancaster reduces sewer rates

Los Angeles County Sanitation District No. 14, which oversees much of the sewer system in Lancaster, recently approved an ordinance designed to help lower service charges for local rate payers. The reduced rates will reportedly take place immediately and should ...

Dylann Roof pleads not guilty to federal charges in Charleston church attack

Dylann Roof pleaded not guilty Friday to 33 federal charges in the deadly June attack at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, according to the court clerk's office.

Activists respond to DOJ settlement

The Community Action League (TCAL) recently a press conference in response to the $2 million settlement in the Antelope Valley Section 8 discrimination case. Members of the community applauded the United States Department of Justice lawsuit settlement, noting that it ...

Search continues for Littlerock woman

Sheriff’s investigators and Littlerock residents are continuing to search for a missing 28-year-old mother. Monique “Mo” Figueroa has been missing since May, and her family believes she was abducted.

County seeks major review, overhaul of troubled Compton Fire Department

The Los Angeles County Emergency Medical Services Agency this week called for a “sweeping overhaul” of the Compton Fire Department after reports surfaced about inadequate service to the thousands of 911 calls it responds to each year.

Almost half state’s Black families face budget shortfalls

Sgt. Camelia Straughn, a Sacramento resident and 20-year veteran in the U.S. National Guard, is deployed in Cuba. For her, active duty on the Caribbean island that is currently re-establishing ties with the United States means overseeing the logistics of ...

Group wants more Blacks involved in $1.7 billion water-saving effort

As California faces its worst drought in recorded history, Gov. Jerry Brown, by executive order on April 1, allocated $1.7 billion in new funding for water conservation. That money is part of a $7.4 billion fund dedicated to solving the ...

Police address 100 days buzz

Residents of South Los Angeles are on edge over what is being called a “100 days, 100 nights” campaign, which has been reported to be a war between rival gangs.

Terminally ill mom writes a lifetime of greeting cards for daughter

It was a grim realization for Heather McManamy when she discovered during an echocardiogram that the breast cancer she fought so hard against had metastasized.

New art exhibit in Lancaster

A new art exhibit entitled “Regarding Us Chain Letter Project” is on display through Aug. 22 at the Lancaster Museum of Art and History.

L.A. County Housing Authority settles Antelope Valley discrimination case

The Housing Authority of Los Angeles County will pay about $2 million to resolve allegations of Section 8 housing discrimination in the Lancaster and Palmdale areas as part of a recently announced settlement involving the cities, county and federal officials.

New studies offer insight into emotional impulse behind hoarding

Most people waffle back-and-forth about discarding something they sincerely believe may come in handy. This indecision usually involves a keepsake of sorts, an object that’s not terribly valuable but memorable, nonetheless. A serious problem, however, arises when individuals cannot separate ...

Rosamond woman arrested in mother’s death

A Rosamond woman has been taken into custody in connection with the July 17 death of her 81-year-old mother. Police said the deceased woman suffered from severe neglect. Shelly Ann Freeman, 46, was arrested on suspicion of murder and felony ...