Early Treatment for Depression May Be Good for the Heart

Treating depression in its early stages might help reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke, a new study suggests.

Adults With Diabetes Need a Flu Shot

Adults with diabetes are vulnerable to flu and its complications, experts say. Now a large new study finds they’re also at higher risk of being hospitalized for flu.

Could Turning Down the Thermostat Help You Lose Weight?

Could your warm and cozy home be hindering your weight-loss efforts? Dutch researchers say keeping temperatures a little chillier at home and the office might be an additional weapon in the fight against obesity.

Many Asthma Patients Don't Stick to Treatment Plan, Study Finds

If you can’t get relief from your asthma, the way you communicate with your allergist might be part of the problem, according to two new studies.

Eye disease common occurrence

It may be easy to see that beauty is deeply rooted in your family tree. But some things that are passed down from generation to generation are not as easily seen—like glaucoma.

Black women have higher rates of high blood pressure

More Black women have high blood pressure than Black men and White men and women, according to new research in Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes.

Borderline high blood pressure tied to deaths

NEW YORK—Blood pressure readings above the ideal but below the formal definition of “high” still raise a person’s risk of death from stroke and heart disease and should be addressed, according to a new study.

Therapy That Confronts Trauma of Sexual Abuse Helped Teen Girls With PTSD

Teen girls struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder stemming from sexual abuse do well when treated with a type of therapy that asks them to repeatedly confront their traumatic memories, according to a small new study.

Tylenol and alcohol a bad mix

Combining Tylenol and even light consumption of alcohol can more than double someone’s risk of kidney disease, researchers say.

Adults whose parents experienced intimate-partner violence often become abusers or victims themselves

The risk of domestic violence often is passed from parents to their children, a new study finds.

Mediterranean diet may help women live longer, healthier lives

Middle-aged women who follow a heart-healthy Mediterranean diet may live a healthier, longer life, a new study suggests.

Romance can sour when only one partner slims down

A romantic relationship can change when one partner slims down, and not always in a good way, new research suggests.

Kids who add sleep can subtract pounds, study suggests

Getting kids to eat less may be as simple as making sure they get a good night’s sleep, a new, small study suggests.

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles to study diabetes drug metformin

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles announced today it will use a $2.8 million grant to study the effectiveness of the drug metformin is treating type 1 diabetes.

New study suggests e-cigarettes may not be gateway to smoking

E-cigarettes don’t appear to entice teens to try smoking tobacco, a new study says.