Elevate your Easter brunch

If you'll be hosting friends and family to honor Easter this year, make your gathering as simple as it is scrumptious with a decadent brunch menu.

‘Green Revolution’ comes to MOAH

“Green Revolution,” an upcoming exhibition at the Lancaster Museum of Art and History (MOAH), 665 Lancaster Blvd., will open for public view from 4 to 6 p.m., Feb. 20. A free reception celebrating the exhibition will take place on Feb. ...

Healthy Game Day Party Fare

There’s no better time to be a football fan, as armchair quarterbacks across the country begin counting down the days until the big game. Fans everywhere are assembling their shopping lists for the last game-day parties of the season.

Rates of sexually transmitted diseases rise in L.A. County

Sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise across the nation,

Winning back weeknight cooking

Moms pride themselves on serving their families wholesome, homemade meals. But here's the reality: 60 percent of moms think that coming up with dinner ideas is more difficult than getting their children to go to bed on time.

Physicians say the same things to Black and White patients, but nonverbal cues show bias

Physicians give less compassionate nonverbal cues when treating seriously ill Black patients compared with their White counterparts,

Simple, satisfying soup for supper

A hearty, flavorful bowl of soup on a chilly night is hard to beat. But if the thought of preparing soup from scratch makes you think "nice idea, but too time consuming," it's time to rethink soup making.

Swap up for the big game day

Chicken wings, guacamole, and cheesy dips are America's top choices for most big game day menus, but the same recipes year after year can get tiring. Forget the same-old spread and surprise your guests with a little more taste and ...

Bring big flavor to easy weeknight dining

There's no time like the present to begin incorporating healthier meals into your menus

Blend indulgence with nutrition

With family gatherings and New Year's resolutions, this is the time of year where the holiday and wellness seasons find themselves on a collision course. The key to fully enjoying both seasons is finding treats that balance great taste with ...

‘Walkable’ neighborhoods boost heart health, stamina

Two new studies suggest that your heart health may depend, at least in part, on the sidewalks and public transportation available in the community where you live.

Get your money's worth out of your holiday ham

Follow these steps to help make the most of your holiday ham—a traditional seasonal centerpiece that can take you further than you might think!

Breast cancer equally common now among Blacks, Whites

Breast cancer is now as common among Black women as among Whites, although Black women continue to have a higher death rate from the disease, an American Cancer Society (ACS) report says.

Covered California targets African Americans, Latinos

Covered California still faces a major challenge enrolling African Americans and Latinos as the state’s health insurance exchange launches its third open-enrollment period Nov. 1.

Moroccan Chicken Tagine

There are few things more comforting in life than a hearty stew. Moroccan chicken tagine is the epitome of healthy comfort food.