Lupus’ disproportionate impact on women and minorities must be known

May is Lupus Awareness Month and on May 20 specifically, health advocates and those directly or indirectly impacted by the disease "Put On Purple" to raise awareness and to support the millions of people who are affected by the disease.

Fructose alters brain genes, which can lead to disease

A range of diseases—from diabetes to cardiovascular disease, and from Alzheimer’s disease to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder—are linked to changes to genes in the brain

L.A. community groups: Parks are an environmental justice issue

At an Earth Day news briefing that participants framed as an environmental justice forum, advocates for a new Los Angeles parks funding proposition said they have solved the “specific projects” problem by addressing the “public input” problem.

LAPD adds mounted units to crime fighting arsenal

In response to a reported increase in crime in South Los Angeles, the LAPD is using a technique that has people staring, oohing and ahhing including some of the criminals

Liberia outsourcing public education to U.S. firm

In what might be a first in Africa, Liberia will put its entire pre-primary and primary education system in the hands of a U.S. start-up that would bring a charter school model to struggling schools on the continent.

Black families must continue to teach sons how to survive police encounters

In the Black community “the talk” doesn’t mean a conversation about the birds and bees. It means parents telling their sons how to survive encounters with the police and make it home alive.

Waters proposes bill to end homelessness

Rep. Maxine Waters, (CA-43), last week introduced legislation that she said will end the crisis of homelessness in America.

Misty Copeland: ‘born to dance’

Misty Copeland is definitely an example of someone who had the courage to pursue her dreams against seemingly insurmountable odds and the audience learned exactly how the dance icon did this during a conversation she had with legend Debbie Allen ...

Summer gladness

Finding a job for the summer is more than a way for young people to earn money to subsidize activities during that period between June and August when school is out and your time belongs to you.

Black Trump supporters like his leadership skills, promise to crack down on illegal immigration

Although Republican frontrunner Donald Trump is drawing the praise of White nationalists, who say he has energized their movement, his presidential campaign does have some Black supporters.

‘Subversive Habits’

During Black History Month, there are a lot of pioneers, heroes, inventors and artists we remember. And every year, we learn more about our history, gaining more pride through that knowledge.

Black men are marrying Black women in droves, not White women

The hysteria that Black men are bypassing Black women in favor of White women has been around for decades, and recent photo collages, or Internet memes, have reinforced this idea.

Issues concerning African Americans draw little interest from presidential hopefuls

With the results of the Iowa caucuses now history —the winner on the Republican side was Texas Sen. Ted Cruz while Hilary Clinton narrowly edged out Bernie Sanders for the Democrats—the attention of presidential candidates is now trained on the ...

Rep. John Lewis encourages community, labor, and youth leaders to fight for equity and justice

As the only living “Big Six” leader of the Civil Rights Movement, Rep. John Lewis, (D-Ga.) addressed more than 1,000 community, youth, labor, elected, and clergy leaders in a student townhall Saturday at the annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. ...

Muslims say current hostile climate is worse than post-9/11 bias

These are reportedly scary times for Southern California Muslims. Several of the leading candidates for the Republican presidential nomination have made insulting and inflammatory remarks about Muslims. In addition, mosques have been targeted for vandalism.