The universe is expanding, but how quickly?

You can't see it happening on Earth, but space itself is stretching. Ever since the Big Bang happened 13.8 billion years ago, the universe has been getting bigger.

How young is too young to travel?

The child was screaming and out of control as he and his mother boarded the aircraft.

Giant six-legged robot crab to walk the ocean floor

Monsters of the deep will have a man-made horror to contend with, as the Crabster CR200 is released into the oceans. Weighing over half a ton, the six-legged, crustacean-inspired robot is intended for the most dangerous undersea exploration.

Host a spring-inspired brunch

As winter gives way to spring, it’s the perfect excuse to gather together with your loved ones. This time of year is ideal for casual brunches, so for your next midday feast with friends and family, take your inspiration from ...

The impact of raising the minimum wage on women

“Most people who would get a raise if we raise the minimum wage are not teenagers on their first job—their average age is 35. A majority of lower-wage jobs are held by women. These Americans are working full-time, often supporting ...

'Jackass' star jumps into shallow river, calls San Antonio officials 'irresponsible'

Steve-O, best known for his grimace-inducing stunts on the "Jackass" TV show and films, was in San Antonio this weekend and flipped out. Literally.

Something from Nothing

Ah, the contradictions that arise from Africa. Alternatively seen as a vast treasure chest of untapped resources, and as a bastion of grinding poverty full of refugees with distended stomachs begging for alms from the civilized world, its media image ...

Nonprofit Financial Conference to be held at El Camino College

On Friday, March 21, Board of Equalization (BOE) Chairman Jerome E. Horton and the California Association of Nonprofits will host a free “Nonprofit Financial Conference - Building Financial Capacity for Change” to provide nonprofit organizations with information about millions of ...

The Williams Brothers have developed young tennis players for more than 40 years

In the tennis world, the Williams sisters are royalty, as Venus and Serena have continued to rack up Grand Slam titles and Olympic gold medals. But they are not the only well known Williams siblings. The Williams brothers, Richard and ...

Double standard continues with Black athletes

The Richard Sherman saga shows that this country, as far as it has come, still has race relation issues, as Black people as a whole are still viewed by the lowest common denominator, while White athletes are given a pass.

Local dance student wins $240,000 college scholarship

In December, Bandeja Munir, 17, of South Los Angeles was named a 2013 Posse Foundation Scholar and as a result, will receive a Merit Leadership Scholarship valued at $240,000 from New York State’s prestigious Hobart and William Smith Colleges, where ...

What really happened with the South L.A. Promise Zone?

When President Barack Obama officially announced, last week, that several low-income Los Angeles neighborhoods would be eligible for grants as part of his “Promise Zone” poverty initiative, it caused a great deal of uproar from some elected officials and South ...

Are we really different from animals?

We humans tend to think of ourselves as better than, or at least separate from, all other species on this planet. But every species is unique, and in that sense humans are no different.

UK police arrest couple suspected of holding three women captive for 30 years

British police have arrested a couple on suspicion of holding three “extremely traumatized” women captive for more than 30 years, Scotland Yard announced Thursday.

Sprint falls to last on Consumer Reports list

Sprint tumbled to last place in this year’s Consumer Reports rankings for wireless service providers, based on a survey of users.