Black Trump supporters like his leadership skills, promise to crack down on illegal immigration

Although Republican frontrunner Donald Trump is drawing the praise of White nationalists, who say he has energized their movement, his presidential campaign does have some Black supporters.

‘Subversive Habits’

During Black History Month, there are a lot of pioneers, heroes, inventors and artists we remember. And every year, we learn more about our history, gaining more pride through that knowledge.

Black men are marrying Black women in droves, not White women

The hysteria that Black men are bypassing Black women in favor of White women has been around for decades, and recent photo collages, or Internet memes, have reinforced this idea.

Issues concerning African Americans draw little interest from presidential hopefuls

With the results of the Iowa caucuses now history —the winner on the Republican side was Texas Sen. Ted Cruz while Hilary Clinton narrowly edged out Bernie Sanders for the Democrats—the attention of presidential candidates is now trained on the ...

Rep. John Lewis encourages community, labor, and youth leaders to fight for equity and justice

As the only living “Big Six” leader of the Civil Rights Movement, Rep. John Lewis, (D-Ga.) addressed more than 1,000 community, youth, labor, elected, and clergy leaders in a student townhall Saturday at the annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. ...

Muslims say current hostile climate is worse than post-9/11 bias

These are reportedly scary times for Southern California Muslims. Several of the leading candidates for the Republican presidential nomination have made insulting and inflammatory remarks about Muslims. In addition, mosques have been targeted for vandalism.

Black families are missing someone at the holiday table due to mass incarceration

The holiday season is stressful enough for people having to deal with crowded shops and family members who don’t always get along gathering in their homes. But many Black families are faced with another level of holiday stress—loved ones serving ...

Paris displays its schematic for social dysfunction

At the beginning of the year, Our Weekly looked into the conflicted history of race relations within the French republic.

Trump confused by rise of ‘gaffe-prone,’ ‘super low-energy’ Ben Carson

Going into Wednesday’s Republican debate, Donald Trump had been usurped by retired neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson. Inspite of a string of highly-publicized gaffes, including saying he wouldn’t vote for a Muslim running for president and comparing abortion to slavery, Carson ...

Domestic violence: An issue that needs more than a month of awareness

According to the L.A. County District Attorney, domestic violence is one of the most destructive crimes facing our society, because child witnesses are likely to repeat such acts when they become adults. Several local organizations are highlighting that fact during ...

Million Man March:

Nation of Islam leader Minister Louis Farrakhan on Oct. 10 told a crowd of approximately 1 million people to become more active in solving their own problems instead of relying on others.

One year after protests

One year ago, Ferguson, Mo., became the center of the world’s media as widespread protests broke out across the St. Louis area following the death of unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown, who was shot dead by Officer Darren Wilson. However, the ...

U.S. Department of Education launches Second Chance Pell pilot

As part of the Obama Administration’s commitment to create a fairer, more effective criminal justice system, reduce recidivism, and combat the impact of mass incarceration on communities, the Department of Education this week announced the Second Chance Pell Pilot program ...

Bobbi Kristina Brown dies at 22

Two days before she was found face-down in the bathtub at her home outside of Atlanta in January, it seemed like Bobbi Kristina Brown’s career might have been picking up.

Activists pepper sprayed

About a dozen people leaving the first-ever Black Lives Matter conference in Cleveland, Ohio, were blasted with pepper spray after protesting the arrest of a 14-year-old boy accused of being drunk.