Trump, Congress roll back strict auto lending guidelines

Despite federal laws addressing discrimination in housing, credit, and more, President..

Lawsuit urges HUD to enforce Fair Housing rule

In 1965 and as part of a visionary public policy strategy known as The Great Society..

Donald Glover video exposes America’s dark underbelly

There was a time when mass shootings were uncommon, only occurring every few decades like..

New investigation shows sexual assault among Uber drivers

When Uber launched in San Francisco in 2010 its mission was to bring the exclusivity of having a..

Court and support Black women candidates

In a recently published Rolling Stone article, recording artist Janelle Monae exposes a..

New report suggests Blacks more exposed to climate change

More than a million African-Americans live within a half mile of existing natural gas..

Study indicates Black boys will remain poor

Based on the astonishing financial success of megastars like Jay Z, LeBron James..

Pressure builds on Black leaders to denounce Farrakhan

The Jewish stranglehold on Black political leaders was manifested when some..

Black Republicans should show support for Michael Steele

I stopped attending the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), because it..

Net neutrality fight continues

The fight to save the freedom of the internet and prevent the repeal of net..

Millennials not to blame for fall of hip-hop

Let’s dial back the criticism of today’s “millennial” rappers. They shouldn’t be..

Students lead the fight against gun violence

In the wake of the recent and tragic shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High..

Compton Salvation Army wants to place more veterans in jobs

For decades, service organizations, government entities and private citizens have...

Long-awaited ‘Black Panther’ at a theater near you tomorrow

Well, the moment has finally arrived...

Long-awaited ‘Black Panther’ at a theater near you tomorrow

Black people, dust off your dashikis, fluff your afros, shine your medallions, and polish your leather jackets..