Sheriff’s race, state assembly and Congress await AV voters

One of the most anticipated races for Los Angeles County sheriff is nearing the Nov. 4 finish line. Jim McDonnell, chief of the Long Beach Police Department, is vying against Paul Tanaka, mayor of Gardena and a former undersheriff, in ...

‘In the war on drugs, which side is the CIA on?’

The Hollywood film industry has churned out two movies this month covering the crack cocaine epidemic that ravaged Black communities in the 1980s. One, a docu-drama produced for the big screen called “Kill the Messenger,” and the other is a ...

Bullying robs self esteem, dignity before it consumes young lives

We’ve seen the statistics, and they are troubling. We’ve seen the participants, and they are younger each generation. We’ve seen the results, and they are often tragic.

Culture of Style: The New Generation

Being born during the age of the Internet has provided a vast number of opportunities in a multitude of industries. Opportunity though, that still requires discipline, hard work and constant battles. However, these battles are now taking place on our ...

AV commuters may soon have easier trips in and out of town

Travelers from the Antelope Valley have for years been popularly referred to as “extreme commuters.” In fact, the commute from Palmdale into Los Angeles may be considered among the worst nationwide in relation to time spent, route efficiency, road quality ...

Black gun tradition reveals courage and torment within 2nd Amendment

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Bessie Winchester. Companions throughout the ages have often called me ‘Ol Betsy.’ I was born in 1866, serving as the assault weapon of my day, and conceived from an urgent need to ...

Our Weekly - Chase Mission Main Street Grants

OurWeekly Would like to ask to take one minute of your time to vote for us on the link provided below, it will be highly appreciated.

Latino accomplishments abundant as are hopes, dreams of future

In the southwest United States, persons of Latino origin have probably had more influence in settling the region than anyone else. You never have to look far to see the stamp these neighbors have embellished on American culture, from the ...

The ‘New’ Hollywood?

Recent advances for artists of color have some proclaiming a new era in “Tinsel Town” while others dismiss it as a false flag for social progress.

Breast Cancer

Hear the word cancer from your medical practitioner, and thoughts of death are likely to start haunting you.

Breast Cancer

Hear the word cancer from your medical practitioner, and thoughts of death are likely to start haunting you.

Palmdale Amphitheater presents music, fun, excitement galore this fall

In celebration of its 10th anniversary, the Palmdale Amphitheater this fall will offer a variety of concerts and events that are practically guaranteed to peak the interest of fine arts fans and those who owe a debt of gratitude to ...

African American serial killers

Author’s note: As a fourth grader, wanting to be accepted by older guys as “cool” is an important milestone in any culture. In my old neighborhood, a small part of socially fitting-in with the older teenagers was the ability to ...

Lancaster Grand Prix promises downtown thrills and excitement

Lancaster will be roaring and revving with high-powered excitement Sept. 26-28 as the sixth annual Streets of Lancaster Grand Prix winds its way through downtown. Each autumn, Lancaster hosts one of the west coast’s largest and most prestigious professional KART ...

Merchants of Fear:

“In politics, what begins in fear usually ends in folly.” —Poet & Literary Critic Samuel Taylor Coleridge