Cool, clear water: AV officials work to protect valuable supply

Although much of California remains parched as big cities and little towns devise plans to find and/or conserve water, the Antelope Valley is managing its way through the drought with relative ease. That’s not to say that water conservation is ...

The funkiest UFO in the galaxy

I was first introduced to the term “Mothership” in the summer of 1968. During that time, it was very common to find African American male youth hanging out in the inner city, enjoying the simple pleasures of summer vacation. There ...

In search of ‘The One’

Not merely escapist fantasy, science fiction does in fact make positive contributions to society, albeit in an indirect way. Generations of innovators have used these yarns as sources of inspiration, and as a portal to the future.

Lynch, Harris, Lacey: Latest icons for American girls

President Barack Obama’s nomination Nov. 8 of veteran prosecutor Loretta Lynch for the position of attorney general may mark a bigger social milestone than his 2008 election to the White House.

Darkening of the GOP: What does it mean?

The recent election results have flown in the face of conventional wisdom. After a disastrous presidential defeat in 2012, the Republican Party regrouped and gained control over the Senate while solidifying their sway over the House.

Lynch, Harris, Lacey: Latest icons for America’s Black girls

President Barack Obama’s nomination Nov. 8 of veteran prosecutor Loretta Lynch to the position of attorney general may mark a bigger social milestone than his 2008 election to the White House.

Child adoption: One of life’s most unexpected miracles

Adopting a child can be one of the most momentous events to ever bless a household. Every year in the United States, tens of thousands of infants, toddlers and teens are welcomed into warm and supportive families. Los Angeles County ...

Cold War memories from the turret of a Pershing tank

Next week marks the celebration of the Marine Corps birthday (Nov. 10) and Veteran’s Day (Nov. 13). In order to acknowledge both occasions at once, Our Weekly presents the story of a bona fide military pioneer who bridged the gap ...

LAPD holds ‘use of force’ training course for the community

As a result of the recent barrage of tragedies which have claimed the lives of too many young Black men, communities across the country have turned a very critical eye to police departments throughout the nation. Shock, confusion, and anger ...

Black military leaders uphold a proud tradition of service

As the nation pauses this Veteran’s Day to honor past and present members of our fighting forces, a brief review of the long list of African American men and women in the military reveals faith in country, courage within and ...

Sheriff’s race, state assembly and Congress await AV voters

One of the most anticipated races for Los Angeles County sheriff is nearing the Nov. 4 finish line. Jim McDonnell, chief of the Long Beach Police Department, is vying against Paul Tanaka, mayor of Gardena and a former undersheriff, in ...

‘In the war on drugs, which side is the CIA on?’

The Hollywood film industry has churned out two movies this month covering the crack cocaine epidemic that ravaged Black communities in the 1980s. One, a docu-drama produced for the big screen called “Kill the Messenger,” and the other is a ...

Jaquel Pitts: elevating from foster care to potential NFL draftee

According to a 2013 study conducted by the Child Welfare Information Gateway, an estimated 399,546 children are in America’s foster care system. Out of that high number, Gary Strangler, executive director of the Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiatives, says thousands ...

Bullying robs self esteem, dignity before it consumes young lives

We’ve seen the statistics, and they are troubling. We’ve seen the participants, and they are younger each generation. We’ve seen the results, and they are often tragic.

Culture of Style: The New Generation

Being born during the age of the Internet has provided a vast number of opportunities in a multitude of industries. Opportunity though, that still requires discipline, hard work and constant battles. However, these battles are now taking place on our ...