New York Post story says Camille Cosby is standing by her husband

A report that Camille Cosby is standing firmly by her beleaguered husband has folks talking.

'Batman v. Superman' trailer delivers first glimpse of Wonder Woman

"Black and blue. God vs. man. Day vs. night." So spoke Jesse Eisenberg, in the role of Lex Luthor in the brand new trailer for "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice."

Nintendo's CEO Satoru Iwata played by his own rules

Plenty of CEOs like to give public presentations. Few of them are as natural or engaging as Steve Jobs, but that doesn't stop them trying to emulate the late Apple co-founder by getting up on stage and speaking.

Transit authority receives grant to buy electric buses

The Antelope Valley Transit Authority (AVTA) has been awarded $24.4 million from the California State Transportation Agency to purchase 29 electric busses.

Home grown terror:‘Days of Rage’ looks back on the war within

“During an 18-month period in 1971 and 1972, the FBI reported more than 2,500 bombings on American soil—nearly five a day. Yet less than 1 percent of the 1970s-era bombings led to a fatality: The single deadliest radical-underground attack of ...

Ervin announces state senate bid

Johnathon Ervin has announced that he will vie against Sharon Runner for the 21st Senate District seat in next year’s election. Ervin, a Democrat, said in his announcement statement this week that he wants to focus on “leading the charge” ...

Kanye West gets 'Kanye'd' by onstage heckler at Glastonbury

Now Kanye West knows how it feels to get upstaged, even if just for a few seconds. A heckler invaded the stage Saturday night during West's opening song at Glastonbury Festival. It's no secret that more than a few people ...

Dance becomes a moving experience

Four distinctive contemporary dance companies, including Lula Washington Dance, will give L.A. arts lovers another way to enjoy movement, when the program “Moves After Dark,” comes to the Los Angeles Music Center July 13, 14, 20 and 21.

Rapper Lupe Fiasco takes on white supremacy

Lupe Fiasco has a message for white supremacists: There is nothing "supreme" about you.

(Not so) overnight sensation

One of the many memorable quotes left to us by novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald is his observation that, “There are no second acts in American lives,” which has been widely interpreted to mean that we can never recover from early ...

How a Pixar animator learned to think like an 11-year-old girl

Pete Docter, the legendary director behind Up and Monsters Inc., has a new animation which is about to hit the big screen. Inside Out is set inside the mind of an 11-year-old girl whose emotions -- joy, sadness, anger, fear ...

Miami's best beach bars

Miami Beach's bar scene isn't all bikini-clad bartenders serving overpriced shots to sunburned spring breakers (though there's a lot of that). Leave Ocean Drive behind and you'll find a craft cocktail lounge, a '90s punk rock bar and a basement ...

#JurassicWorld: Pterodactyls, product placement and Chris Pratt

"Jurassic World" took to the screens with a big bang this weekend, raking in $511.8 million at box offices worldwide -- making it the biggest grossing movie opening of all time. Those involved were exceedingly grateful, such as actor Vincent ...

Lil Wayne: I just signed a deal with Jay Z

Lil Wayne dropped a bombshell Saturday that left fans simultaneously celebrating and speculating over what it could mean. "I just signed a deal with my motherf--king idol, Jay-Z," said the rapper, whose real name Dwayne Carter, as he took the ...

A.C. Bilbrew Library closesA.C. Bilbrew Library closes

On July 12, A.C. Bilbrew Library will close temporarily for about a year to allow the county to effect a $4.4 million refurbishment of the facility which was initially erected in 1974.