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Tyra Banks inks deal with Universal TV

Tyra Banks has been on the beauty scene for...

LeBron James to produce documentary on athletes

LeBron James will be among the executive producers of a three-part documentary series on the..

Billboard’s Top 50 Musical Moneymakers… Black artists not on top, neither are women

Despite ruling the charts for the most part, American Black...

Cedric the Entertainer receives Hollywood star

A star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the live performance category will be unveiled today..

‘What Truth Sounds Like’

“We have to talk.” It’s never good when someone tells you that. Even if it’s said with a smile and a pat on the..

Palmdale election on Nov. 6

The Palmdale City Clerk’s Office has announced that a general municipal election will be held in..

Kaleidoscope: Unique music/art festival

The city of Palmdale is accepting applications for participation in the third annual Kaleidoscope..

Native Indian masks on display at library

The city of Santa Clarita presents “Putting on Power,” a new exhibition of Native Indian masks, on..

Legend of Williams sisters chronicled in new book

Those are the rules. Every game has them, and rules are mostly helpful. They make it clear how to play and who can..

“I’m Still Here: Black Dignity in a World Made for Whiteness”

You’ve been told statements that aren’t true, and that made you sad. Myths kept you from your..

John Mack dies at 81

Los Angeles civic leader John Mack has died...

‘Note to Self’ explores the promises of youth

Listen up. Pay attention. Eyes forward, ears open. You’ve heard those things before in your life..

Zoo hosts summer ‘Roaring Nights’

There’s lots of fun activities scheduled this summer at the Los Angeles Zoo as “Roaring Nights”...

Oprah inks deal with Apple

Last week, Our Weekly reported that the top streaming companies are vying for...

Amazon trying to lure Black producers

According to Forbes magazine, Amazon is trying to lure Black...