Across Black America


Across Black America

District of Columbia Seventeen-year-old Malia Obama graduated from high school, June 10, in Washington, D.C. during a speech he delivered in May, President Barack Obama told the audience: “My daughter leaving me is just breaking my heart. If there are ...

Mayor Garcetti launches ‘Welcome Home’ project

Angelenos can take meaningful, personal steps to address L.A.’s homelessness crisis through Mayor Eric Garcetti’s new Welcome Home Project. The effort aims to recruit 100 residents to host gatherings of friends, neighbors, and colleagues and collect household supplies for formerly ...

Across Black America

Across Black America

Across Black America week of May 12th 2016

Alabama UAB running back Greg Bryant remains in critical condition after being found shot inside a car early Saturday (May 7) morning in West Palm Beach, Fla., school officials confirmed

Across Black America

California Emmy Award-winning producer, TV host, syndicated radio personality, and pop culture commentator Tanya Hart and Robert Papazian, an Emmy-winning veteran television producer and former co-owner of Hollywood's Sunset Gower Studios, have been elected as co-chairs of the Caucus for ...

FBI, Lawsuits Could Not Stop Effort to Create Largest Migration in American History

There were over six hundred Black families applying for 53 apartment units in just one day in Chicago in 1917. In two years, more than 100 storefront churches would dot the South Side. By 1930 the number would climb to ...

Across Black America

California After months of negotiations and litigation, the University of California and the family of university football player Ted Agu, who died after a team drill in 2014, have settled a wrongful death lawsuit for $4.75 million, the San Francisco ...

The Soul Mate Experiment opens April 23

Falling in love happens in a variety of ways. There are instances when love between two people develops at a snail’s pace. And on the flip side, there are moments when two people meet and instantly connect—this occurrence is often ...

Across Black America week of March 31, 2016

California Abre Conner and Novella Coleman are speaking out against a bar called the Brig in Fresno that they say kicked them out for “being Black.”

Across Black America week of March 23, 2016

Alabama The Grio reports that a high school student has started a movement to stop boys from wearing saggy pants.

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Alabama The Tuesday March 1 primary election in Jefferson County saw a record number of African Americans run in judicial races. Of the 26 Democrat candidates for the bench, 21 or 81 percent, were Black, according to

Across Black America week of March 3, 2016

California Three people were reportedly stabbed during a Ku Klux Klan rally in Anaheim last Saturday. One person reportedly ended up in critical condition after being stabbed with the tip of a flagpole. A total of 13 people

Across Black America week of Feb. 25, 20016.

California Rev. Jonathan E.D. Moseley Sr. was honored by Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network (NAN) Los

Across Black America

Arizona The Arizona Department of Corrections, which reportedly had a long-term practice of assigning inmates to housing and employment based on their race and ethnicity, will now be required to desegregate its 10 prison facilities and end its racially discriminatory ...

Across Black America

Arizona A headline in the Huffington Post reads: "NAACP Leader Uses F-Word to Apologize for Using T-Word After N-Word Meeting.” According to the story, an NAACP leader in Phoenix is under fire for sexist behavior that he displayed, after leaving ...