Across Black America


Man wears black face to court, delivers racist rant before sentencing

A man in Hawaii wore black face and delivered a racist rant when he appeared in court for sentencing after..

Chicago Defender won’t print anymore but available online

The Chicago Defender, an influential African American...

Social media user’s comment on lynching Muslim candidate could send him to jail

A North Carolina man is facing possible jail time over...

Stevie Wonder to undergo kidney transplant

Legendary R&B singer Stevie Wonder is...

Congressional Black Caucus to honor WWII veteran with Medal of Honor

The Congressional Black Caucus is...

Patti LaBelle gets street named after her in Philly

On the road of life, there is the right way...

African American Museum in St. Pete launches push to expand

Despite political opposition, activists in...

Statue in Louisville under scrutiny by Black and White

Supporters of keeping a controversial statue of John Breckinridge Castleman at the opening of Cherokee ..

Contractor fired after showing up at Black home with Confederate flag

A Black family fired an independent contractor it had hired for a job after he drove to their home with a giant..

Black teens say police K-9s attacked them and they were handcuffed at Alabama mall

It looks like police and private security aren’t getting the message that they can’t get away with..

Campaign underway to save Nina Simone’s childhood home

Last June, the home of legendary singer Nina Simone was designated as a National Treasure by the..

Governor signs Florida bill requiring felons to pay fines before allowed to vote

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill that requires people with felony convictions to pay off all their..

Black hospital patient goes for walk with IV attached, gets arrested

Most police mottos are “to protect and to serve.” But it seems some police still continue to view a person..

Tennessee selects first Black woman as Miss Tennessee

An elementary school teacher has...

Lawsuit filed seeks to block Georgia controversial abortion law

A law that Georgia legislators passed to take affect...