Across Black America


Black gun ownership on the rise, NRA membership declines

Last week, Our Weekly reported that the National..

Turner Classic Movies

Beginning Sunday, Sept. 15, Turner Classic Movies will..

Black woman sentenced to prison for illegally voting

Last year, Crystal Mason was convicted of illegally..

City fights rehiring of detective who used racial slurs

Officials in Hartford, Connecticut are fighting the proposed...

Man sentenced to life for stealing $50 released

An Alabama man who has served more than...

University of Wyoming set to honor Black 14

The University of Wyoming is set to wrong a right...

School district being sued over blackface bullying

The parents of six former and current African-American students are...

Activist angry over treatment of Black clients at nail salon

A community activist was arrested after vandalizing a...

Lester Holt goes to prison

Lester Holt is probably the highest-ranking..

Court says Black woman’s hair was not good enough reason to resign

Court says Black woman’s hair..

Black man suing after being removed from flight over dog

A Black man reportedly is suing American Airlines..

Study: Black speaking characters hit 12-year high

Amid rumors that DC Comics is going to introduce a..

R Kelly moved out of solitary confinement

Singer R. Kelly has been moved out..

African American Gun Association holding its own convention

Mass shootings are happening at..

Garcelle Beauvais first Black to join RHOBH

African American actress Garcelle Beauvais is about to..