Chefs of the Caribbean brings the Caribbean to homes around the world

Curated Caribbean lifestyle with tips, products and shopping for the entire family

BPRW | 5/10/2021, 10:40 a.m.
Chefs of the Caribbean are curating a new experience...

You can enjoy a Caribbean lifestyle no matter where you live, and Chefs of the Caribbean (chefsofthecaribbean.com) has everything you need to do so. The brand’s recently enhanced website offers Caribbean-inspired accessories, apparel, food, books and more – giving visitors the opportunity to discover and enjoy the fascinating Caribbean culture. The website enhancement and expansion comes just in time for Haitian Heritage Month in May and Caribbean American Heritage Month, which begins in June.

“Chefs of the Caribbean, known to most as simply COTC, was created to showcase the richness of Caribbean culture and heritage,” said Marie Louissaint, a Caribbean American entrepreneur who created the Chefs of the Caribbean brand to share influences of the Caribbean with the rest of the world.

Aromatic spices, cookbooks with signature Caribbean recipes, island coffees and teas, home décor, and other products are just some of the items chefsofthecaribbean.com offers for sale.

Within the site, customers will find a variety of ways to experience the Caribbean lifestyle at home.

“I am from the Caribbean and continue to live an authentic Caribbean lifestyle although residing in the US,” Louissaint said. “The Caribbean is so vast in its offerings: Its distinctive cuisines, inspiring festivals, music and products are just some of the things that make this culture memorable and exciting.”

Recent additions to the site include two exciting coloring books, “Color the Caribbean” and “Color Your Carnival,” which allow children and adults alike to discover and participate in the varied and rich colors of the islands.

Other books include “My Caribbean Recipes Journal,” which readers can use to turn their love of cooking into a stylish family cookbook, and “My Journey of Cooking” by Ron Duprat. Duprat’s first-edition cookbook includes recipes, meal-planning hints, and cooking tips for using exotic flavors and foods from around the world.

Foodies who really want an authentic island experience can engage one of the Chefs of the Caribbean’s notable private chefs to prepare a mouthwatering Caribbean meal of food bursting with flavor. Using the website’s “Book a Caribbean Chef” feature, visitors engage in a brief consultation, with the chef of their choice. The chef will then create, cook and serve a menu specifically tailored around the client’s culinary wishes. No booking is too small or big – chefs can be booked for fundraising galas, dinner parties, weddings, work functions, cooking lessons, cocktail parties, or simply a romantic meal at home.

“Caribbean culture is rich with boundless fusions of flavors, spices, sights, and sounds, and Chefs of the Caribbean does an amazing job of capturing the uniqueness of the islands, at affordable prices,” said Marlon Hill, Miami arts and entertainment business attorney with Weiss Serota, Helfman, Cole & Bierman, P.L. From fashion to food, carnivals to celebrations, music to home accessories, Chefs of the Caribbean invites audiences to experience the Caribbean culture.

The Caribbean is all about fun and love. Unfortunately, many people know very little about this delightful paradise of islands in the Caribbean Sea. There is so much to learn about the beautiful islands that make up the Caribbean and its rich blend of cultures. “Chefs of the Caribbean has taken the responsibility to show the world the magnificence and diversity of this region,” Louissaint said. “Whether you’re a Caribbean native or just want to bring some of the islands’ cultures and beauty into your everyday life, you’ll find something to stir your soul.”