New website will celebrate city’s strategic milestones

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OW Staff Writer | 3/5/2021, midnight
To celebrate the completion of the five-year Strategic Plan: Santa..

To celebrate the completion of the five-year Strategic Plan: Santa Clarita 2020, the City of Santa Clarita is launching an interactive website – Santa-Clarita.com/SC2020map. The website acts as a comprehensive resource that allows residents to explore the top 40+ action items that were completed in the last five years.

Santa Clarita 2020 was created in 2015 as a five-year strategic plan to guide the City’s major work efforts and best prioritize resources, achieve milestones and maintain the City’s unwavering commitment to offering the best services and facilities for Santa Clarita residents to enjoy today and into the future.

The website presents a wide array of photos and videos to show the completed and on-going projects within the city, including the new Santa Clarita Sheriff’s Station and the Canyon Country Community Center. Residents can explore each item’s specific locations on an interactive map of Santa Clarita and click for more photos or information on the project.

“We are so excited to virtually share all of the completed projects from this strategic plan with the community,” said Mayor Bill Miranda. “These projects illustrate our dedication to upholding the high quality of life we strive to provide for residents. This website is an opportunity for residents to learn more about the work the cty has done on their behalf over the last five years.”

The plan was divided into six major quality-of-life themes: Public Safety, Building and Creating Community, Enhancing Economic Vitality, Community Beautification, Sustaining Public Infrastructure and Proactive, Transport and Responsive Government Services.

Now that Santa Clarita 2020 has been completed, the accomplished items have drastically changed not only the look of the community, with some of the city’s most beneficial projects coming to fruition this year, but also improvements in the way the city provides services.

For more information, visit santa-clarita.com/SC2020map or call (661) 255-4340.