Tom Lackey warns against State EDD fraud attempts

Report suspicious activity immediately

Assemblyman Tom Lackey | 9/18/2020, midnight

Hundreds of Californians have reported receiving mail from the EDD addressed to someone who does not live there. A constituent in California City has received over 200 incorrectly labeled pieces of mail with many containing debit cards meant for other people.   

 This continuous oversight on behalf of the EDD must come to an end.  

Independent investigators of the mail expect that much of it is fraud: people around the country start by utilizing home addresses of others who are moving. They then send unemployment information and benefits to homes where they believe they can get to the mail before homeowners do. In many cases, these con artists have stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars from people who need it most.   

In partnership with some colleagues in the State Legislature, my office has called for an emergency audit of the Employment Development Department in order to get to the bottom of this carelessness.  

In the meantime, if you or someone you know is receiving mail from the EDD that is not properly addressed, please turn it in to my office by calling (661) 267-7636. If you live outside of Assembly District 36, contact the EDD Fraud Line at (800) 229-6297.  

If you need any further assistance with your benefits or are not receiving them at all, please contact the District Office.  

Thank you for your continued trust, it is an honor serving you in the State Legislature.