COVID-19 and blood type

Connection is debated

Isabell Rivera OW Contributor | 9/10/2020, midnight

On the contrary, Harvard University’s Medical School (HMS) reported that a new study conducted by the U.S. National Library of Medicine found that the blood type is irrelevant to how fast COVID-19 spreads in some patients, or why it’s deadly for others. However, the report found out that patients who have blood type AB or B, are symptomatic and who are positive with Rh (Rhesus factor protein), were more likely to test COVID-19 positive than blood type O.

“We showed through a multi-institutional study that there is no reason to believe being a certain ABO blood type will lead to increased disease severity, which we defined as requiring intubation or leading to death,” senior study author and HMS Assistant Professor of Surgery at Mass General, Anahita Dua said in the article published by HMS. “This evidence should help put to rest previous reports of a possible association between blood type A and a higher risk for COVID-19 infection and mortality.”

Harvard Medical School also conducted its own research with 1,289 symptomatic individuals with COVID-19 and who had their blood type documented, were selected from 7,600 individuals from five different hospitals in the Boston-region. Their treatment took place from March 6 to April 16.

No connection between blood type and  COVID-19 complications was able to be formed.

“Inflammation is a particularly important finding because prevailing scientific thought is that COVID-19 wreaks havoc on the body through systemic inflammation, which can lead to morbidity and death,” Dua mentioned in the article. “We found, however, that inflammation markers remained similar in infected patients regardless of their blood type.”