Compton College recognizes distinguished faculty and staff

Commitment to educational mission

OW Staff Writer | 9/10/2020, midnight

Compton College recently announced its honorees for the 2019-2020 Distinguished Faculty and Staff awards.

Eyob Wallano, recipient of the Distinguished Faculty Award, is a biological sciences professor who has worked as a Compton College full-time faculty member since 2007. During his time at Compton College, Wallano has advocated for students and has taken a leadership role in the development of increased opportunities for students interested in pursuing science disciplines. In 2015, he organized the first science research symposium/conference for students, which he has continued to organize annually. Currently, Wallano serves as co-chair of Compton College’s Health, Safety and Parking Committee.

One student described Wallano’s teaching style as dynamic and said that he “presents the courses in a way that can be understood. He is caring, creative, honest and dedicated to inspiring students with confidence and a positive attitude.”

John Yeressian, recipient of the Distinguished Adjunct Faculty Award, is a real estate adjunct professor who originally served as a guest lecturer at Compton College in 2015, occasionally speaking on various real estate topics before becoming an adjunct professor in 2017. He is a licensed real estate broker who has taught many real estate courses with topics including principles, practice, escrow, finance, investments, appraisal, and property management. A Compton College alumnus himself, he teaches in the exact same classroom he attended as a student taking real estate classes.

“He knows and understands just how to motivate and encourage his students, no matter their background,” said one of his students. 

Annette Simmons, recipient of the Distinguished Staff Award, holds a dual title as switchboard operator and mail clerk for Compton College. She has worked in Compton College’s Management Information Systems/Information Technology (MIS/IT) Department for 18 years, and her position recently became part of the Community Relations Department. Simmons is a Compton College alumna, and began working at the college prior to earning an associate degree with honors.

“As a parent of three college students who attended Compton College, it’s a pleasure for me to be able to provide essential needs to our college students,” said Simmons.