#BlackGirlJusticeLeague relaunched

Large GOTV effort led by Black women

OW Staff Writer | 9/3/2020, midnight

In light of one of the most pivotal presidential elections of this generation, GirlTrek, a public health movement and nonprofit for Black women and girls, is reactivating its #BlackGirlJusticeLeague.

September is National Voter Registration Month and GirlTrek is using this as an opportunity to have all members check their voter registration information and help register others. Updated voter registration information is critical for people who have recently moved, changed their name, or had their voting rights restored under the law.

With more than 850,000 members, GirlTrek’s #BlackGirlJusticeLeague 2020 will focus on voter education, voter registration, early voting and voter support on Election Day in the most vulnerable cities across the country.

“It’s been a twisty last few months,” said Jewel Bush, GirlTrek’s chief of external affairs. “We’ve watched the country explode with rage and take action as the coronavirus and violent racism collide. Even in the midst of an unprecedented global pandemic, we will not let this prevent us from casting our ballots this election.”

Originally launched in 2016, the #BlackGirlJusticeLeague mobilized people nationwide to walk to the polls, more than 100 precinct walks and dozens of early voting marches.

“Our democracy is strongest when everyone’s voice is heard,” Bush added. “That starts at the polls—but in order to participate, you have to be registered. The time to register is now.”

To join the #BlackGirlJusticeLeague, pledge at https://www.girltrek.org/. Current GirlTrek members do not need to take the pledge again. Then simply spread the word by encouraging friends and family to take the pledge and vote early. The #BlackGirlJusticeLeague will hold special trainings, events and engagement opportunities.

“Early voting -- either in-person voting or through absentee ballots -- is a critical tool to protect the freedom to vote by breaking down barriers to the ballot box and increasing civic engagement. It shortens wait times for voting on Election Day and reduces burdens on polling place officials,” Bush said. “The November election is imperative -- it not only determines our next commander-in-chief, but also the local and state officials who will lead our communities. We must have a say in who they are. We cannot sit this out. We have a right and responsibility to make our voices heard. This matters now more than ever before.”