Celebrities set to deliver virtual commencement addresses

Facebook and YouTube celebrate Class of 2020

Lisa Fitch Editor in chief | 5/7/2020, midnight

Of all those affected by the coronavirus pandemic, the graduates of 2020 may feel the most cheated. After years of schoolwork, that triumphant walk across the stage to grab that diploma, with proud friends and family watching on and taking pictures… well, most of those ceremonies have been cancelled.

But celebrities have come to the rescue! To acknowledge the millions of graduates who cannot attend a graduation, Oprah Winfrey will be joined by Simone Biles; Lil Nax X; Jennifer Grarner and Miley Cyrus at “#Graduation 2020: Facebook and Instagram Celebrate the Class of 2020” at 11 a.m. on May 15.

The Facebook Watch ceremony will highlight high schools and colleges from each sate by name.

And next month, Barack and Michelle Obama will each deliver individual commencement addresses during a virtual YouTube graduation ceremony June 6 on the YouTube Originals channel.

“I've always loved joining commencements -- the culmination of years of hard work and sacrifice,” The former president wrote on his Instagram page. “Even if we can't get together in person this year, Michelle and I are excited to celebrate the nationwide Class of 2020 and recognize this milestone with you and your loved ones.”

Several celebrities, including Alicia Keys; Former Secretary of State Condolezza Rice; Lady Gaga; and K-pop band BTS will perform during the YouTube special “Dear Class of 2020.”

The full schedule of commencement activities will be available on May 17 on YouTube's Learn@Home site.