Poppy coloring contest underway in Palmdale

Parks Make Life Better Month

OW Staff Writer | 7/24/2020, midnight

In celebration of July being Parks Make Life Better Month, the City of Palmdale’s parks and recreation department is inviting Palmdale artists ages 12 years and under to participate in a poppy coloring contest.

“We miss seeing our littlest community members around town at community events and involved in our recreational programs,” said Palmdale’s Recreation Coordinator Rachel Serrano. “That is why we are reaching out and asking for their help with an important project. Since we cannot see their smiling faces, we hope to collect as many colorful poppies as we can to brighten up our offices.”

The contest is open to children ages 12 and under, who live in the City of Palmdale. One winner will be selected from each age group, including ages 5 years and under, ages 6-7, ages 8-10, and ages 11-12.

The contest coloring sheet is available at https://cityofpalmdale.org/971/Parks-Make-Life-Better-Month. Entries will be judged for creativity, use of color, and overall appeal. The picture may be duplicated, but each child may submit only one entry.

Entries are due before 5 p.m. on Monday, July 27. For more details, call (661) 267-5611.