‘Keto Diet’ new trend for rapid weight loss

Is diet good for long-term health?

Darcie Ortique | 9/5/2019, midnight

For decades, most doctors and dietitians thought the key to weight loss was simply following a low-calorie diet that is high in vegetables and exercising regularly. Today, celebrities, nutritionists and even social media gurus are all raving about the rapid weight loss results they are experiencing with the trending ketogenic diet, also known as “keto.”

Stephanie Person, a 52-year-old Los Angeles-based fitness coach and personal trainer, has been following the keto diet for 12 years and counting. “I almost never talk about weight loss, I always talk about trying to get people healthy because the reason why people have issues with body fat is not a calorie job, it’s a hormonal problem,” Person said.

More often than not, she suggested, most people struggling with obesity have other health concerns such as irregular blood sugar, abnormal estrogen or insulin levels. The disproportionate storage of body fat causes inflammation in the body and also results in a slow metabolism. On the contrary, when the body goes through ketosis- the metabolic state in which the body burns fat instead of sugar, weight loss occurs.

“If you fix the hormones, then you can fix the body fat composition,” Person said. She advocates for keto because it is very similar to how human beings would eat if we were required to survive in a natural habitat. The keto diet requires individuals to minimize carbohydrates, while focusing on foods high in healthy fats like avocados, oils and protein.  

Person’s mother was diagnosed with a Glioblastoma brain tumor, when she realized the power of keto through her mother’s testimony.

“I was looking for a therapy that would slow the cancer growth,” Person explained. “Keto does really, really well with different types of brain tumors. They (doctors) gave her a less than 1-percent chance of survival, but she survived,” Person said.

After witnessing her mother’s recovery—thanks to the help of the ketogenic diet—Person decided to try the high-fat, low carb diet too and has been in ketosis ever since. “After trying it on myself, I tried it with my personal training clients,” Person said. “I watched eight people for two years on this dietary measure and learned a lot.”

Person was so impressed with the consistency in the weight-loss results and the overall health improvement of her clients, that she decided to use social media as a way to educate others about keto. “After trying it on them, I wanted to talk about this on the Internet because this is great information for people to know,” Person noted.

From there, Person grew a large population of online followers who encouraged her to create meal plans and answer questions regarding keto and how to go about changing their eating habits. “It wasn’t until I really started coaching people and I really started learning about, not just keto, but all of the different health problems everyone has,” Pearson said. She offers virtual, one-on-one consultations and keto memberships via her website, www.stephanieperson.com.  

“The Classic Keto” diet was created in 1923, at the Mayo Clinic for Epilepsy, by Dr. Russell Wilder. According to the Charlie Foundation for Ketogenic Therapies, Dr. Wilder introduced the 4:1 ratio, where there are four portions of fat for every single portion of protein or carbohydrates.